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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, letting go all of my exisiting equipments, livestocks and the tank itself at a cheap rate to clear fast as I am changing project as I have no luck with keeping SPS . All livestocks have to go first before equipments & tank can be collected, so I seek some understanding from the bros and sis here , thank you. Location is @ Tampines st 81, please contact me @ 97104907 or PM me directly! Live Rocks : About 30kg of aged & cured quality live rocks beautifully covered with coraline and mushroom corals these rocks includes some tonga rocks as well which total costs me alot - $40 Livestocks (fishes): 1)Healthy fat Yellow tang Mid size(first to chiong for food) - $30 2)1xRed & 1xpurple Fire fish living peacefully in this tank for months - $20 3)1 x Beautiful and hard to find Yasha goby - $20 4) 6x Mid size green blue chromis bought from Henry & 1x clown goby - $5 Take all @ $70 FOC some cleaner snails Livestocks (LPS): 1) 15-20++ heads Aussie Duncan growing more heads rapidly (started from 8 heads) -$50 2) Candy Cane coral 1x big head a few baby heads - $10 3) Moon coral grew into many heads healthy and cool looking when it looks for food - $20 4) Mini scoly - $45. Foc 1 small open brain with exposed skeleton but healing back 5) 1 big piece of Green hammer - $30 6) 1 zoas rock with red zoas & a few heads of polar cap zoas - $35 7) Orange Chalice (a little skinny due to my water, need to feed it back to health) - $20 8) Grey Ricodea Yuma bought from Henry - $15 9) 2 Frags of ultra lumi GSP - $35 for both Take all @ $225 Foc some random Zoas on rocks. Equipments: 1) SKIMZ MONZTER SM110 recirculating protein skimmer with Aquabee needle wheel impeller ( can be used both internally and externally) in good working condition skimming large amount of thick junks everytime - $60 2) Multi Media FR 45 Reactor with some left over NP reducing bio pellets - $50 3) Maxspect Razor 120W in tip top condition - $200 FOC 1x aquablue special 1xblue plus t5 tubes & working ballast so you can DIY to add on T5 if you want. 4) Fauna Marin colour elements all 3 bottles about 70-80% full - $40 Tank + Cabinet + Sump 2X2X2 Feet cube tank with hood and sump tank in good condition and no visible water damage, only one small chip at the side of the tank which can't be seen clearly. Beautiful, neat and quality tank which is definitely a keeper to those with space constraints , allowed me to keep many different fishes in it. 12MM quality crystal glass tank with no long or deep scratches. Overall condition - 8.5/10 ( door hinges are rusty but easily replaced) - $200 Overflow is at the back of tank to maximize tank space.
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