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Found 16 results

  1. All the following up for grabs by weekend before they go into recycle bin: 1) Jerry can - microscopic leak at bottom. 2) Tunze CR casing - both ends removable... with strong magnets... Can be converted into frag rack+isolation box with some imagination. 3) 6 4ft 54w ATI T5 tubes - one year old but still good for FOWLR.
  2. 1 piece 150watt metal halide (15,000K double-ended) - abt 12 months old: FOC
  3. Hi, Just changed my 2 X 54W (4ft) T5 supplement tubes. About 6 months old and still in good conditions (No rust at the edge.) Still good for LPS or fowlr. PM me if u r keen. Cheers! Thomas
  4. One big bag of Caribbean + Philippine live sand - enough for 2' cube tank. Absolutely FOC.
  5. Enough for 2-3 tank. Just rinse with seawater before use. FOC. Collect near GO.
  6. The post is updated, since the attachements cant view in the previous post. Hello Peeps, 1. I have a 5ft tank up for grab. AND the tank is FOC!! YES. ITS FOC! Please arrange your own transport to take it home with you. THANKS! 2. I also have some nice AUSTRALIA sps selling at package price. and Both are 20$ altogether These are 30$ altogether and Both are 20$ altogether and Both are 30$ altogether and Both are 20$ altogether and Both are 20$ altogether and Both are 30$ altogether This is 20$ for this 1 piece and Both are 25$ altogether and Both are 20$ altogether , , These are 30 each If keen on the tank n the corals. Please pm me. Thanks.
  7. im reducing some bioload so im giving away 6 of my blue green chromis. they are pellet, flakes and mysis train. swimming in group all the time. its a very hardy fish they will survive even with trace of ammonia and nitrite. pick up @ admiralty drive ill catch it later if someone confirm. thanks.
  8. WTG Six Line Wrasse, beautiful fish, been with me for around a year. Reason to give: If i add new peppermint shrimp the six line eats it immediately, already he ate $30 worth of peppermint shrimps. But it does not attack the 2 Cleaner Shrimp and 1 Fire Shrimp which were added to the tank before the six line. Only new shrimps are attacked. Good eater and easy to catch because he is the first one to go inside the fish trap to eat... Collection @ Flora Road Reply me here, i will contact you... Thanks.
  9. I just got my tank and it will be delivered on tuesday. the thing is it is bigger than what intend to get. Because of that the equipment i planned to get needs to be upgraded as well so i ended up spending more than what i have planned. anyway i was hoping someone here who wants to dispose some rocks/sand and ill be happy to pick it up from your place. Maybe ill treat you with a coffee and have a little chat about reefing if your up to it. or i could buy it from you as well as long as its not that exp. this next coming days will be really exciting and im planning to start a tank journey thread here as well. thanks guys
  10. Have approx. 3/4 bucket full of live rocks. Mainly fist-sized, and most encrusted with purple coralline. Collection place is in Flora Rd/Mariam Way, in Changi. May collect tomorrow 22/9 from 2pm - 5pm, or after 9pm. Can collect tonight as well. 1 or 2 packets of frozen food (either mysis/brine shrimp/rotifers/bloodworm) in part exchange would be appreciated Interested, pls SMS 91682887. Cheers.
  11. live sand foc...first come first serve... big ones...aprrox 2cm to 10cm...good for fragging also collect ubi ave 1 91814744 sms only
  12. No takers from my previous thread so I'm breaking up the sale into individual items. Details refer here: Give me your highest offer Red Sea Prizm Skimmer with surface skimmer attachment Water containers x 4 Free Of Charge False percula clown fish x 2 T5 light (2 x 36W but only has 1 x actinic) 2 feet Nisso curved tank Grade C0 sand Lots of Live Rocks Buyers of the skimmer or water containers will be given priority for the FoC items.
  13. Hi all, Collection at AMK. FCFS. 97952915
  14. Hi Bros and Sistas, I have 6 Sexy Shrimp (Thor amboinensis) to give away to a kind reefer. I just go these guys two days ago but some are feeding on my SPS in my pico. They should do fine in a dedicated tank or a larger tank with SPS colonies that could tolerate some munching. Collection tonight or tomorrow night between 7 to 9pm at Seletar Gardens or YCK Mrt. Please sms me at 92204582 or PM me. Thanks!
  15. One big red pail of medium & small dead rocks, collection at Sengkang, FCFS.
  16. giving away 8 x Blue Velvet Damsel. I've kept them for 6 mths or more. Now in betta box. Wants to give away asap. Pic from Liveaquaria Please pm me for collection.
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