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Found 7 results

  1. Dear all, have few pieces of red monti with white polyps for sale ( ranging from 1" to 3", price is from $10 to $20). one frag of golden cloves with about 15 to 16 big polyps, selling at $30. Radioactive green BN with multiple branches (selling from $10 to $15). A 3" german blue digital (multiple branch) selling at $18. and also Pink BN selling at cheap (frag on the spot), interested parties, pls sms or whatsapp me at 96382799, free gift for every purchases , whatsapp me or sms me for pictures, Location: Woodlands, thank you and have a good day!
  2. Hi all, I have the following coral frag for sale. a) Zoas (> 10 polyps) $20. b ) Birdnest (yellow greenish body) 4' plus multiple branches $20 c) Lobo aussie ( one head) green orangy colour $20 d) Chilli pepper monti (2' plus) $20 e) Hammer ( 2 heads) $18 Interested parties, please pm me for details. Collection place at Tiong Bahru Area. Thanks
  3. Selling one frag of zoas (rasta+fruit loop+hot pink) and one monti (superman). Collection at Serangoon Garden. Interested please whatsapp / SMS 94880692. Thanks.
  4. Selling the zoas frags as shown in pic. However, A3 is a monti. Interested, please sms or whatsapp 94880692. Collection at serangoon.
  5. I have two rainbow monti frags to let go. Each frag is abt 10 cents coin size and it is encrusting on frag plug. $20 per frag. Collection at Serangoon Garden. Please SMS/Whatsapp 94880692.
  6. Hi guys Selling some frags that have been growing since end Nov... 1. Green monti $12 (mother colony on the right side)
  7. I want a 50c coin size lum lime green monti for interlacing. If you have, i swop you a 4" Lime In The Sky staghorn sps, or Mohawk Zoas + Jade Green Digi or all 3, if you can bring the monti to my house by tonite. Location : Clementi West Time : After 7 pm Contact : 8201 0133 Many Thanks for your help in this project. mike
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