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  1. HI all, its my first time venturing into saltwater tanks. Ive had experience with keeping caridina shrimp for a few yrs (wine red, king kong, PRLS) etc. , but not sure if that translates to marine I've watched some videos online like 5 min reefing, and budget 10 gallon tank build (inappropriate reefer), and read some articles online so far everything points to using a 40g breeder to start I'm wondering if its even possible to set up a 2 feet reef tank and be successful, or should I just stick to a fish only system? or am I just going to be wasting money, the goal is to eventually keep corals ( beginner friendly ones obviously) Im still a student so budget wise cant go overboard, btw the tank was given to me for free, larger tank size abit diff due to space constraint. heres what im thinking for equipment: 1) LIGHT aqua knight 2) hang on back skimmer, or those mini skimmers 3)tank 2 feet (60cm by 30cm by 35cm) 4)hang on back filter (aquaclear) for mechanical and biological filtration (maybe I turn it into DIY refugium?) 5) H28a chiller (already have from past shrimp keeping) lifestock wise, probably 2 clowns and some clean up crew to keep bioload low what are my chances of success? or should i just wait until I get my own house plus job lol
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