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Found 17 results

  1. 7 pieces RBTA for sale. Selling because they have roamed off the main rock with too many RBTA. Small pieces about 5cm diameter. Refer to 1st pic for size reference but they look smaller now because they have just been disturbed. $6/pc. Have 6 pcs. Collection at Blk 30 Cassia Crescent, S(391030).
  2. Open to about 10cm. $20. PM to deal.
  3. I have 4 piece of mini rbta, letting go at $10 each. Pls pm me. Collection near admiralty mrt along woodlands ave 6. Thank u.
  4. 18-20 rbta attached to rock. Healthy, spilt often if fed regularly. $15 ea Priority to take all. pm to discuss.
  5. Tank is being decommissioned and I hava few RBTA available for free. Size: 4-10cm Pls PM me to organize collection for tonight!
  6. Haha - first time witnessing ... my RBTA in the act of splitting. Fascinating!! Must have started last night. This was shot 10min ago.
  7. About 20 minutes after lights off on the tank last night my RBTA released what looks like eggs. Thought it was just poop at first but it looked a little different so I decided to collect it. The "eggs" were black/dark brown and circular between 0.5 and 1mm in diameter, originally stuck together in a gel-like substance. I collected most of it with a coral feeder and put it in an API test tube. The "eggs" also float. Tried to do some research but there is very limited info on the subject. Most RBTA spawning info/videos are about the release of sperm. Also realized that it was a new moon last night which made me think it was a spawning event. Any reefers have experienced something similar or can confirm what happened? I have no other RBTAs in the system but have a couple of mini maxi carpet anemones. First few images show the "eggs" and the last shows what the RBTA looked like after. The RBTA has since gone back to normal.
  8. jaydisney

    WTB rbta

    Anyone willing to sell or give away their rbta? pm me thanks
  9. My RBTA split and my 2ft tank too small to accommodate both. Want to sell away the bigger one. The one circle in red, S$35.00. My h/p is 97509759 and my location is at Potong Pasir. Working so only free after 7pm on weekdays.
  10. Kiong77


    My RBTA jus split and my 2ft too small to accommodate both. Item is as picture shown (circle in yellow). Looking to swop this for any zoas, preferable some red colour in the zoas or jus 25 if no swop. My h/p is 97509759 and my location is at Potong Pasir. Working so only free after 2pm on saturday.
  11. Hi Guys, Planning to sell RBTA to clear some space. Size is around 10cm diameter when expanded. Price: 50sgd. Collection at Sengkang 541183. Whatsapp 98541705
  12. Hi looking to sell my RBTA, Have a couple of them. Selling at 40 per piece. Please pm me for pictures
  13. Selling this anemone for $30 . PM me for fast deal
  14. Hi, Selling: 2 x RBTA - Big one $35 - Small one $25 20+ KG of LR @$80 3 rocks of Zoas @ $10 each. Edited : Combined the posts w pic and wordings into one.
  15. Deal all, 5 to 6 pcs of RBTA for sales, red color, red/green color with various sizes, pls whatsapp me at 96382799, price is ranging from $30 to $70, thanks.
  16. RBTA: $35 Torch: $15 each Collection at Serangoon weekday night after 8pm. Interested please whatsapp or SMS 94880692.
  17. Hi there. I have additional newly born RBTA which i want to let go. As the RBTA is attached to the rock, so is for those who dont urgently taking it, i can reserve and probably ready for collection in 2weeks time. The DOB is 09 Sept 2012.... The price is SGD40.
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