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Found 8 results

  1. Leo_ian

    Yasha gobies

    Hi I’m trading my two yasha gobies as they did not pair up. I can trade for a banggai cardinal per fish or a Bali green slimer frag. Or rotifers/phyto. My cultures crashed Other offers accepted pm me on telegram @L_eo_13 as I’m not very active here
  2. Hello! Willing to trade a turban snail about the size of 2 fifty-cent coins due to him constantly bulldosing everything in my tank. As for your info, I keep a nano. Although I would prefer to trade for something, anything under the sun. I am also willing to give him to a better home if need be, anything just contact me at 92957-420 whatsapp preferred Thanks!
  3. Hi all. I am not sure what these zoas are worth but i am looking for a small monti cap frag ( Dino, sunset, reverse sunset, chilli pepper etc...) to swap with you. If you have other corals in mind for swopping let me know i might be interested! pls pm me.
  4. Looking to trade with a beamworks led lightset or buy a 1/15 hp and above chiller . Please pm me with price and brand/model , and how long you hvae used for please . Thanks !
  5. 2 ranchu fishes of 4 inch & 2 inch available. Trade with angel fish of any size & breed (or) Trade with internal/external filter complete set. Not for sponge air pump filter. Collection at block 504, woodlands drive 14. sms to 92717692
  6. Hi, Looking to swap this bluefin damsel with any small (1in or less) reef compatible fish. Size of this damsel is approx 2inches. Reason: Just got this bluefin from another reefer, and It doesn't seem to get along with my juvenile orange shoulder tang. The tang is the queen of my tank =) PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  7. LA Lakers Frags Small Frag of 4-5 Polyps $25 Bigger Frag of 20+ Polyps $40 I'm happy to trade with your zoas too. Please drop me a PM if you're interested. Collection at Tampines.
  8. Hi guys out there, wonder if anyone have extra 4 or 5 ft lighting to trade 3 fishes show in the pic.
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