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Nano tank competition for Aquarama 2013

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Good news for Nano reefer , the wait is finally over for nano reefer to take part in the Nano cube tank competition held in Aquarama 2013.


Without doubt, the Freshwater Nano Tank Competitionlaunched at Aquarama 2011 was an outstanding success, attracting a steady flowof trade and public admirers throughout the four-day event. These pint-sized,predominantly cube-shaped, set-ups have become extremely popular in recentyears, and all the signs are that the trend will continue well into the future.For our part, we will be helping this popularity along by staging what we hopewill be an even better Freshwater Nano Tank Competition at Aquarama 2013.

On the marine side, the ‘Nano Revolution’ has taken aslightly different, but totally logical, direction. For a start, the tanks arelarger, owing, primarily, to the more stringent needs of marine organisms whencompared to freshwater ones. Secondly, marine nanos are not usually referred toas nano tanks, but as nano cubes – a self-descriptive label.

The main characteristics of these aquaria are a cubicshape, frequently with a bowed front, and a hood with in-built lighting, plusfiltration/aeration equipment incorporated into the overall design – thoughthere are exceptions to this general format. Visitors to this year’sAquarama will have seen numerous spectacular examples of these nanos, somebow-fronted, others with flat front panes, some with in-built lighting units,other with independent ones.

Every indication points in the direction of a furthersurge in the popularity of these set-ups which, properly maintained, open upexciting new possibilities for the keen marine aquarist.

Ever-conscious of modern trends and the desirability ofincorporating these into Aquarama in order to stimulate both consumer and tradeinterest, UBM is delighted to announce that the 2013 edition will include thelaunch of a Marine Nano Cube Competition to run alongside the already wellestablished and hugely popular Marine Tank Competition.

Planning is already under way for this brand-newcompetition and the relevant entry requirements and judging criteria are beingdrawn up in collaboration with our colleagues at Singapore’s Marine Aquarium Association.

Please refer to Aquarama’s website, www.aquarama.com.sgfor further news and updates!

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nano reefer, that would be cool. What is the size of the tank? would it be the same as nano freshwater (30cm cube)?

Bro, this thread is 1 year ago liao.

Anyway, I have spoken with the organizer and we have planned for a meeting next week.

By grace, I bump into Cheng Hock yesterday too and briefly spoken with him. Cheng Hock is the Marine Nano Competition adviser.

I hope to be able to present the views of MASS across so as the address the concerns we have during the past competitions.

We shall update the situation in another thread soon when we have more details.

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