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SRC Tank of the Quarter winner - Mengyang ( June 12 ~ Aug 12 )

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This month, we are featuring our new winner for the Tank of the Quarter !! Mengyang_neo aka Gary has been awarded as the winner. Congratulation to gary for wining , and Kudos to him again for the passion and dedication toward this hobby ! :score:

Title : My Dream Tank


Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank

It all started in 2007 when my bro in law decom and pass me his full set of 4x2x2.5ft tank and equipment, as it is a new hobby to me; I paid a lot of fee and earn it the hard way. Starting with a LPS tank, then when I enlisted, I changed it to a FOWLR. It is really very disappointing with so many failures that I decided maybe I should just decom or change a new tank and have a new start.

I change to a 5x1.5x2ft tank, going full zoas with LPS and slowly into full SPS, the journey is fun and I know a lot of reefers and close friend in this fruitful journey. Starting of SPS is plain coincident as I am the lucky winner for Dr Cedric lucky draw and I get to try SPS FOC. From the few frag, I manage to hold the colour and start to get more and more SPS. Advice from Cedric and other SPS keeper are very helpfully and I get to keep SPS more successfully. With SPS getting more and more, manual dosing seems impossible and very troublesome. So I get a dosing pump and keeping the parameter constant becomes a lot easier.

With all the success, I tried to go Full SPS with angels; I stock up too fast and end up crashing my tank, lost a lot of SPS. Lucky I do trade with other reefer so I get to get back some of my SPS. With all the up and down, I decided to once again get a new tank and do all the basic stuff and keeping everything consistence. Finally this year with a clear idea of what my tank is going to be, I change to my present tank – My Dream Tank




Tank details and specification

Main Tank size ; 5x2.4x1.6ft

Sump tank size ; 4x1.8x1.5ft

Types of Glass / thickness ; 12 mm crystal clear glass for 3 side of my main tank

Total Water volume of system ; around 600 litres




Tank system parameter

Calcium - ca ; 400

Alkaline - KH ; 8-8.5

Magnesium – mg ; 1300


Tank system profile ( Equipments list and lighting period )

Skimmer - H&S Skimmer

Return Pump - 2 x Eheim 1264

Wavemaker - 2 x tunze 6095 ,and muilt controller 7096

Chiller - Daikin compressor with coil drop in

Lighting - 2 x 250w MH- 4hrs and 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit -9hrs

Reactor - Dosing pump


Addictive used

I do use a dosing pump to dose Ca and Kh and change a pail of water every week. During water change, I will add zeovit Coralsnow and Zeozym, I will add coral vitalizer randomly into my tank when I remember.


List of live stocks in your tank

I am keeping full SPS with zoas and the following list of fishes



Yellow tang
Picasso clown pair
Mystery Wrasse
Yellow Wrasse
4 Chromis


Some personal Q & A questions

1. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy ?

Ans ; I am a Coral guy

2. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment

Ans ; I will go for trusted German brand or brand that has good after sale support. This is very important for reefing as a lot of thing can go wrong.

3. What is your favorite past time

Ans ; Go LFS shopping and chit chat with my group of reefer friends.

4. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby ?

Ans ; The satisfaction is having small achievement like a brown SPS colour up and to have a slide of ocean in your own living room.

5. Any advice for newbie in this hobby ?

Ans ; I feel reefing is not difficult with all the equipment available to help reefer, and there are a lot people sharing different method of keeping a successful tank. The problem is all the method mentioned take time, and when I said time, it is not 1-2 days; rather it is 2-3 weeks or maybe months. So be patient and you will be rewarded, consistent is the key. All the Best.

Final Acknowledgement and thanks you note

Firstly I will like to thanks my family member for their tolerance and understanding for my passion in this hobby. It really bonded the whole family together as it will be a common topic for the whole family, when thing happen to my tank, sometime they are more nervous than me. Lol

Next will be my reef buddies cum close friends, whom shared sleepless night chiong shipment or early in the morning whatsapping reefing stuff, you know who you are. Cheer!!!!

Last but not least, I want to thank SRC staff and the reefing community for having this platform so that, we reefer can learn and share our experiences.


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Congrats bro! Glad I have seen your tank personally! Really inspiring!


Return pump: 2 x Eheim 1260 (with 1 pumped to chiller before returning to main)
Chiller: Hailea HC-500A (1/2 hp)
Skimmer: Deltec SC2060
Lightings: 8 x 24W ATI Sunpower T5 fixture
Wavemakers: Vortech MP40, MP10, Tunze nanostream 6045
Additives: TLF C-balance (2 parts Ca and Alk) via Kamoer 3 channel dosing pump; Polyp-lab Reef Resh; FM color elements

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Thanks bros. :)

5x2.5x1.5ft Rimless Dream Tank (06/03/12)
Skimmer - Reefoctupus

Return Pump - 1 x Eheim 1264, 1 x water blaster 7k
Wavemaker - 2 x mp40es
Chiller - Daikin compressor with coil drop in
Lighting - 4 x 80w T5 Pair 1(6hrs23/12/12),Pair 2(16/06/12312hrs 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit (1/3/12) -(15/11/12)6hrs and 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit (13/10/12) -6hrs)
Reactor - Dosing pump (01/01/11)

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Congrats bro

6.5 * 2 * 2 + 3.75 * 1.5 *1.5,(Decomn on 14/9/08)
4*2*2 + 2.5*1.25*1.25 (Decomn on 1/8/09)
5*2*2 (Fully LED light system, 140 3 watt SSC leds with 60 degree lens)(Decomm)
2.5*2*2(Fully LED Light System,96 3 watt SSC leds with 60 degree lens)(Decomm)

5*2.5*2(LED only)

Eheim return 1 * pump

1 HP Daikin compressor with cooling coil
2 Jebao OW40, 1 ecotech MP40,
1X6085 Tunze wm,

1 CURVE 7 Skimmer

  1 DIY 80 led control by Bluefish mini 

1 radion XR30W G2, 2 Radion XR15G3

Sump area lite by 5 ft T5 , 6 * SSC 3 watt red LED for refugium

1 Full spectrum E27 led light

1 CR control by bubble count

Start No Water Change since 1st Dec 2016

Add new 2.5x2x 1.5 ft 



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wow congrat bro!!! Power tank with very nice scaping!!

|| Tank: 5x2x2.5 || Sump 3.5x1.5.1.5 || Lights: DeLighting 2x80w Aquable Special T5 ||

|| Return: 2 x ehiem 1264 || Skimmer: Skimz SM251 ||

|| CR: deltec denitrator || ATO with custom make reservior tank||

|| FR: TLF running Rowas ,UV ||

|| Wavemaker: Jebao RE20& RW15|| Chiller: Daikin 1HP Compressor ||

|| Monitor 1: American Marine Pinpoint Temperature monitor ||

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Congrats, bro. Nice work!

Display Tank : 48" x 22" x 22" Bean Animal CTC overflow box design, custom built by Aquarium Iwarna.

Sump : 37" x 20" x 18" inspired by Royal Exclusiv Dream box & Trigger Systems Tideline Series sump designs, custom built by Aquarium Iwarna.

Lightings : Inled R80 x 3 with 2  x Illumagic Vitamini Super Actinic LED Striplight Bars.

Chiller : Dalkin 1hp compressor with build-in drop coil.

Skimmer : Skimz Octa SC205i Protein Skimmer.

FR : H2Ocean FMR75 Fluidised Media Reactor with Hailea HX-2500 (Feeder Pump) running Rowaphos.

CR : Skimz Monzter E Series CM122 Calcium Reactor.

Main Return Pump : SICCE Syncra ADV 9.0 & Jebao ACQ-10000 Water Pump.

Wavemaker : Maxspect Jump MJ-GF4K, Jebao SLW-30M & SLW-20M Wave Pump.

Water Top Up: Reef Octopus ATO.

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(click to see my tank thread)

Skimmer : Deltec SC2560

Chiller : Sanyo 1HP Compressor with copper coil

Lighting : Ecotech Radion XR30w x 3 + 5 ft ATI power module 4 tubes

Dosing - Bubble magnus 7 channel

Main pump - reef octopus 7000

FR : Skimz phosphate reactor + FR45 Biopellet reactor

Wavemaker - Vortech 3X MP40W + 1 x sun sun

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Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

~ 24 June 2012 ~

Main Tank Display- 4ft (L) x 2ft (W) x 2.5ft (H) 3side view

Return Pump- 2x Eheim 1262

Wavemaker- Conch II + Tunze

Skimmer- Hydor Performer 700DP

Lighting- Sun System Tek-Light T5 8 x ATI 54W

Chiller- Hailea 1/4hp

Reactor- Skimz FR Rowaphos

Dosing Pump- Bubble Magus BM-T01


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Wah taikor, a big congratulations to you!!!!!!!

I need to visit your home and see your tank soon!!!!!! (and bring my frag cutter and plastic bag along too muahahhaahahah!!!!)

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Now i'm in a dilema... FOWLR or SPS

Or like me LPS + bird nest SPS.

Hee... I had one small frag of the bird nest ... seem so easy lei. Almost 1 month in my new tank... Growing branches quite quickly.

Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2

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Nice!!! :thumbsup:

Now i'm in a dilema... FOWLR or SPS :cry:

What are you waiting for ... back to sps... you. Know. Who to. Look for 2nd. Hand items...

Selling big game fishing equipment. Stella 20k / 17k .. made in Japan jigging blue rose / kabuzu popping rod... pm for prices

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Guys thanks for all the kind words, :friends:

Klyve, Thanks bro,

Uncle mike, thanks for the beautiful sunset monti. :thumbsup:

Clee123, thanks bro proud to be able to join the club. :cheers:

Thomas can combine both sps and fishes, it is the utimate challenge. :yahoo:

Wilson thanks, hee u r one of the shifu that advise me on SPS.

5x2.5x1.5ft Rimless Dream Tank (06/03/12)
Skimmer - Reefoctupus

Return Pump - 1 x Eheim 1264, 1 x water blaster 7k
Wavemaker - 2 x mp40es
Chiller - Daikin compressor with coil drop in
Lighting - 4 x 80w T5 Pair 1(6hrs23/12/12),Pair 2(16/06/12312hrs 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit (1/3/12) -(15/11/12)6hrs and 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit (13/10/12) -6hrs)
Reactor - Dosing pump (01/01/11)

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Congrats Gary!

"Reefs, like forests, will only be protected in long term if they are appreciated"
Dr. J.E.N. Veron
Australian Institute of Marine Science


Member of:



UEN: T08SS0098F
Please visit us here: http://www.facebook....uaristSocietySG
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook....gid=34281892381

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