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antibiotics for fish

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Hi there, i have quarrantine all my fishes in QT tank (3ft x 2ft) with Hyposanility treatment.

But my fish still keeps dying, especially after i introduced a new fish (4" Queen Angel).

Symptoms of the sickness are:

1) rotting fins.

2) thin coat of white substance.

3) irregular swimming pattern (slow and near to surface).

4) lost of appetite.

Any antibiotics that anyone can recommend that works with hyposnaility method?

Anyone knows what does japanese yellow powder do and how to get it?

Desperately need your advise. Thanks.

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Is your QT tank parameters similar to the parameters of the water that the fish comes in?

Assuming that the fishes you bought is free from disease, do you practice acclimation from the shipping bag to your QT?

There are several treatments for the common ailments, please read the link information to know pros and cons:

Copper Sulfate - http://www.fishyfarmacy.com/Q&A/all_about_copper.html

Formalin - http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/vm061

Praziquantel - http://fishdoc.net/articles/details.php?articleId=25

Hope that helps.

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Quinine works against brook as well. If the fishes are still feeding you may wish to try Dr G's Anti-parasitic RX which contains this active ingredient. Available at ML, Iwarna & Madpetz.

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I used kanaplex from seachem, to solve pop eye, fin rot... It is good for bacterial inflection and some fungus inflection. Just mix with the food to let the fish eat the medicine. Throught feeding, it is very effective as compared with the dosing in the water.

If ich, then used a qt with cupramine, as it is a parastic inflection, different from bacterical inflection. Please take note bacterical inflection can be two type in general, the internal and external bacterical. Kanaplex is for external Bacteral inflection. For internal, try any medicine that contain metronidazole.

See www.seachem.com for information.




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