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Hi fellas,

Decommissioning the old 3ft tank after all these years. Anyway, here are some stuff to let go

1. Bioballs - all 667 of them, i think. Hardly used. SGD 50


2. Additives, test kits & medication - Reef Prime, VitaChem, Reef Iodide(not much left), ParaGuard, PolyOx, Malachite green, CopperSafe, Phosphate test kit, Marine pH Alkalinity test kit. SGD 10


3. American Marine Pinpoint pH monitor (not in use for ages, needs to re-calibrate) SGD 50


4. Deltec MCE600 hangon skimmer - my faithful workhorse, am sad to see him go. SGD 200


5. Eheim 2222 external filter. SGD 80


6. 4x 36W T5 light fixture with dual plugs (so 2 bulbs can be connected to 1 timer) - SGD 20 (only 3 bulbs working, i think...)


7. SEIO M2600 pump/wavemaker. Needs to rework the plug. - SGD70


If interested, please contact 90111767 from 6th Aug onwards. Thanks for your interest.

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