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Frog Fish in my Sump feeding!!!


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The next thing u will find is the tail left outside its mouth. even it cant eat it. it will keep in its mouth.

Tank Theme: Mixed Reef with clams

3 feet tank with IOS

Eheim 1262

K3 wavemaker x1

Lightings: T5 actinic blue x4 , T5 white x4

Skimmer: BMQQ

Artica 1/5

Dosing: NA


Reefing is sharing. People with rotten mouth is sure a loser for life as expected. When a tomato gets rotten, you can nvr save it.. Throw it away before it infect the good ones.

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Sry for being noob, but what's SH ?

Sea Horse


Tank : 24" x 12" x 15" Acrylic Gex Tank

Lightings : Maxspect Razor 120W , Maxspect G2 160W ( Sold )
Skimmer : Red Sea Prizm
Dosing : Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter7,
Brightwell Aquatics Biofuel, Florida Aqua Farms It's Clear,

Florida Aqua Farms Coralline Stimulator.

Wavemaker : Tunze Nanostream 6015

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