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polyplab Reef-Resh new concept ULNS for reef tank


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We are pleased to introduce the new System Reef Resh from Polyplab ,which offer a new innovative four part system for Reefers looking for True Low Nutrient system for their delicated Reef . By harnessing the power of microbial activity, the Polyplab Reefresh system provide a bacteria source that consumes any excess nutrient in the tank, leaving a low nutrient tank environment removing Nitrates and Phosphates in the Tank. It provide an easy, cost effective and effective solution to remove excess nutrients in your aquarium. Say goodbye to expensive reactor and media replacement . System Reef-resh is ideal for the discerning SPS enthusiast looking to bring the coloration of their coral to the next level .


The four part of the Reef – Resh consist of ;

1) RF – Genesis

Concentrated mixture of dromant bacteria


Working with a Canadian Biotechnology firm, Polyplab have manufactured a custom blend of bacterial strains with concentration of over 80 billion cells/ml. In their planktoinic state, these bacteria serve as a highly nutritious food source for corals and zooplankton. Most importantly, these complimentary bacterial strains form nutrient consuming biofilms.

Size: 50 ml

2) RF - Fuel

Amino Acid enriched bacterial food source


Polyplab have developed a unique fusion of organic carbon sources enriched with amino acids. RF-Fuel is a safe but highly effective carbon-based bacterial food that will steadily improve water quality. The process is very gentle and it will not have any detrimental effects on your existing corals.

Size: 480 mL

3) RF - Acids

Concentrated fusion of select amino acids


The role of amino acids becomes critical in a low nutrient environment. RF-Acids is blend of specific amino acids that our research has shown to improve coral growth and colouration. Those that inhibit coral growth have been excluded from this highly concentrated mixture.

Size: 50 mL

4) RF – Plus

Concentrated vitamin enriched coral food


RF-Plus is a water-stable mixture of liquid and solid coral foods that have been enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vibrant coral colouration results from regular use and is most noticeable for SPS corals. Additionally, unlike any other coral food, RF-Plus has been engineered to be free of nitrates and phosphates.

Size: 50 mL

So How does the system works?

The four components of the system which consist of RF-Genesis, RF-Fuel, RF-Acids and RF-Plus. RF-Genesis contains a custom blend of bacterial strains. These specific strains of bacteria, in key ratios, are the backbone of the RF system.

As planktonic free floating bacteria, the bacterial cells in RF-Genesis are consumed by corals and provide a form of nutrition commonly found in the ocean. As System RF matures, RF-Fuel acts as a bacterial fuel source and causes the strains in RF-Genesis to reproduce and form biofilms. These biofilms consist of microbes that feed off excess nutrients in your water column. These biofilms will eventually die off and will be removed by your skimmer. As the biofilms are removed, the absorbed nutrients are removed with them, creating a pristine environment.

So how do corals obtain their energy in this low-nutrient environment?

Planktonic bacteria will not provide the all of the necessary nutrition for corals. This is where RF-Acids and RF-Plus come into play. These two components of the System provide coral nutrition without spoiling the quality of your water. When used as instructed, RF-Acids and RF-Plus ensure that your corals will not starve in this low nutrient environment. These two components will provide excellent nutrition for vivid coloration and rapid growth of your corals.

Whether you are a beginner hobbyist or a highly experienced reef keeper, System Reef-resh™ will make a true low-nutrient environment much easier to achieve. By following the guidelines of System RF, hobbyists can achieve pristine water quality to create a near perfect environments in their home aquariums.

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For best results, we recommend using the Optimal Dosing instructions.However for hobbyists with limited time for aquarium maintenance, there is also the Convenience Dosing Instructions which can also bring out the benefit of the system in your aquarium as well.

Please check the attachment for Dosing instruction .



Polyplab products can be found from our dealers below;

- Iwarna Aquarium

- Madpetz Aquatic supply

- Fish Channel LLP

- Marine Life Hobbylist

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F.A.Q For Polyplab System Reef-resh

Is there any other equipment to buy?

No. There is no additional equipment to make the System RF run efficiently.

How much does it cost to run the system?

Once established, you can use the convenience dosing method . There is no additional equipment required to make the system operate and there is no electrical cost for running the system.

Doesn't my aquarium have huge amounts of bacteria already? Why do I need more?

It is true that marine aquariums are very well populated with bacteria. However, System RF introduces planktonic bacterial strains that exist in very limited numbers in established aquariums. In addition, the customized ratio of the different strains make the bacterial team in RF-Genesis very efficient at nutrient export. Dosing as instructed prevents aquariums from becoming bacterial monocultures.

Is this product only for SPS dominant tanks? Will my mixed reef or fish only tank benefit from this system?

System RF will benefit all marine aquarium. By using RF-Genesis and RF-Fuel, excellent water quality can be steadily achieved. RF-Acids and RF-Plus provide readily absorbed nutritional components for better growth and colouration for all corals. SPS corals will experience the most significant improvements.

Can System RF be integrated into established tanks without a negative impact on the water parameters? I’ve read of people starting with other bacterial based methods and having their corals bleach due to the sudden decrease in dissolved organics.

When we designed this system, we discovered that many probiotic based systems were overly aggressive in nutrient removal. "Vodka dosing" and other popular European methods tend to rapidly strip the water of nutrients which can result in disastrous bleaching events for corals. System RF is a more elegant solution that safely lowers nutrient levels in your tank to achieve pristine water quality.

Does System Reef-resh™ replace the need of running a skimmer?

Definitely not. System RF is designed to be integrated into traditional methods of reef keeping. Although skimmerless aquarium setups will experience some benefits of using the System, they will not achieve the maximum potential of the product.

Can I run an ozone or phosphate reactor while running the System?

In our studies, we found that running an ozone generator while using System RF was not harmful. Running ozone to obtain an ORP reading of around 400mV still allows bacteria to operate at high effectivity. Although ozonation does destroy some planktonic bacteria, the impact on the system is low.

This is not to say that ozone is necessary for the System RF to work, but it will run even more efficiently.

Although, it is not necessary to run phosphate media with System RF, we have not seen any negatives effects of running manufacture recommended doses of phosphate removal products. However, using the media at significantly larger doses can interfere with the nutrient removal capabilities of the bacterial biofilms.

Can I run a UV sterilizer while running the System?

We do not recommend using a UV sterilizer with System Reef-resh. UV sterilzers will kill a significant part of the bacterial population required for System RF to work effectively.

How strictly do I have to follow the dosing schedule?. What if I miss a day or two?

We have formulated each of the four components to operate together as an optimized system. If you miss a scheduled dose, just continue dosing the System as soon as your schedule allows.

Is it possible to overdose the components of the system? Can I increase dosage to get faster results?

It is difficult to overdose the components of System RF. In our tests, when dosing even 5X the prescribed dosage for all the components, there was not any noticeable negative effects in the tanks. However, it should be noted that increasing the dose would not be economically efficient use of the product. Optimum results are achieved when dosing the product as instructed. And like all things in this hobby, good results come with patience and time.

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Hi all,

Prices for Reef - Resh is listed as below;

Polyplab Reef - Resh

Fuel 500 ml - $ 79.00

Genesis 50 ml - $ 45.00

Acids 50 ml - $ 45.00

Plus 50 ml - $ 45.00

Bundle ( 4 bottle complete ) - $ 189.00

Reef - Resh and other Polyplab products is available at these following reputable dealers ;

- Iwarna Aquarium

- Madpetz Aquatic Supply

- Marine Life

- Fish Channel

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Does this system goes well with balling methods?

Dosing of the Reef Resh daily will not affect the dosing of the 3 part ( ca,mg and kh)

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I have just started using this system... Yes bottles would be needed to be kept in the fridge as the same for zeovit. But hey it's only 4 bottles...

Mine is a 40G tank and dose as follows...

Fuel 500 ml - 2ml Daily

Genesis 50 ml - 2 Drops Daily

Acids 50 ml - 2 Drops Daily

Plus 50 ml - 2 Drops Daily

Polyp Lab

ONE Calcium Supplement 500ml

RF-Fuel 500mL

RF-Genesis 50mL

RF-Acids 50mL

RF-Plus 50mL

Roids 4oz

Fauna Marin

Ultra AlgeaX - 250ml

Ultra Organic - 250ml

Ultra Power Trace 1 - Strontium, Calcium - 500ml

Ultra Power Trace 2 - Iron, Zinc - 500ml

Ultra Power Trace 3 - Iodine, Boron - 500ml

Ultra Power Trace 4 - Magnesium - 500ml

Ultra Min S 250ml

Ultra Min D 250ml


Prodibio BioKit Reef 30 vials


Coralline Stimulator™ 6oz

It’s Clear™ - 6 oz.


Rowa phos- 250ml

Rowa carbon- 5000ml

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what are the recommended steps to use this system for new tank cycling purposes?


You can start off with the convenience dosing method for the Reef Resh system. 


Polylab Description Manual.pdf

Reef Depot Pte Ltd 


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For wholesaler or dealers, please Click Here to open an account with us.


For endusers , please check with our local partners for our products.


Our Brands,

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