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WTS Neon Green Prata


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WTS the prata at $50, selling because I find it too big for my 1 ft nano tank, Prata is slightly smaller than palm size. Based on picture I dont think is fully open yet. Please bring own bag or container. Thanks

SMS or whatsapp for fast deal, FCFS basis.

Jason 9656 6454


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Woah upzz for a beautiful piece!

1ft cube with IOS [the low tech tank]

1. JBJ C-breeze to keep temp hovering around 27-28'C

2. LED clip on - 120 bulbs


My 3 humble equipments that keeps my tank running... [DRIED OUT]

1. The RSM itself of course 2.My NEW Deltec MCE-300 Skimmer 3. My trusty Arctica Chiller

Tank parameters:

Temperature maintained at 25.3'C to 24.7'C

No3: 10ppm(b4 the use of the deltec skimmer)

No3: 5ppm (after use of the skimmer)

Others? too lazy to measure...LOL

Camera- EOS 50D

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