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WEEKLY SHIPMENT UPDATES: 10th-Sep to 16th-Sep 2012


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Aqua Marin have a lot of baby blue tangs, size Arnd 2-3 inch. Still have quite a number of tiger tail sea horses,pipefish, many damsels and chromis, clown trigger got 1.

They so long neh come shipment already, that's why today got shipment come.

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Any idea on how reds for the kole eye and yellow tang?

Polyp Lab

ONE Calcium Supplement 500ml

RF-Fuel 500mL

RF-Genesis 50mL

RF-Acids 50mL

RF-Plus 50mL

Roids 4oz

Fauna Marin

Ultra AlgeaX - 250ml

Ultra Organic - 250ml

Ultra Power Trace 1 - Strontium, Calcium - 500ml

Ultra Power Trace 2 - Iron, Zinc - 500ml

Ultra Power Trace 3 - Iodine, Boron - 500ml

Ultra Power Trace 4 - Magnesium - 500ml

Ultra Min S 250ml

Ultra Min D 250ml


Prodibio BioKit Reef 30 vials


Coralline Stimulator™ 6oz

It’s Clear™ - 6 oz.


Rowa phos- 250ml

Rowa carbon- 5000ml

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Heard from Henry that there is shipment this Thursday, so stay tuned :)


Aquarium: 48" x 18" x 24" tank with 24" x 15" x 15" sump (approx. 150 gallons)
Equipment: Maxspect Razor 320W, Vortech MP40, Vertex Omega 180i, Eheim 1262 return pump, Hailea HS 66A, Bacteria King
Fish and coral food: Henry's Reefgourmet pellets, Preis coral energizer, Kent Marine PhytoPlex, Brightwell Reef Snow, Two-Little Fishies Marine Snow
Dosage: Triton Elements


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Just wanted to share what I saw at Fish Channel display tank yesterday.


Its partner


A challenging fish to keep


"Reefs, like forests, will only be protected in long term if they are appreciated"
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Australian Institute of Marine Science


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Mauritius fish shipment today at Iwarna. Expect to see Gem tang :yahoo: , Rare picasso trigger, chevron butterfly, pelican wrasse, blue spotted wrasse, mauritian jewel, divided res cheek wrasse, coral beauty, african pygmp angel and vanderbilt chromis !!!

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3 pieces of mauritius coral beauty and gem tang at henry.

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