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WTS: Anampses geographicus

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thanks bro inwear.

thanks for your interests. The reef-safe-"ness" depends on your definition. The reason for my sales is due to it being too active and that it is chewing off my shrimps. It does not bother other fishes except for its activeness, it is estimated that it swims a complete round the tank at approximately 2-5 times per minute. I have LPS and zoas. It does not bother them except trying to peck at food which the corals seems to be undamaged by the pecking. If you are keeping bristleworms, I would advise caution with this fish as I used to see quite a lot of bristleworms. The fish started to drag out some of the bristleworms and within 3 days of its introduction, I have not seen a bristleworm ever since. It may eat pods too. Shrimps do no go well with it, however, I only see it pecking at the top shell of the snails and the snails has no reaction to it. It recognizes the location where you place food and it will react very excitedly to your hand when your hand is near the top of the tank.

I have tried taking over more than 50 photos, and I only managed to get this single usable shot.

https://docs.google....c1N5VmhvTC1nUEk (download for high res)

From what some web site said, it is supposedly a rare import. Warning: it can eat around 10-20 1mm pellets a meal, two meals daily.

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