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WEEKLY SHIPMENT UPDATES: 08th-Oct to 14th-Oct 2012

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Saw at CF.. Call to check again if still have..

thks Terry. it's been a while Since I go lfs hopping.

Tank size:36"x36"x24"

Return pump" 2x Reef Octo 5000

Skimmer:BK Double Cone 200 on Reef Octopus DC 5500s.

Wavemaker:2xVortech MP40wES

Chemical filtration:1xeducator FR(biopellets)

Chiller:1hp Daikin compressor.

Lighting:2 x Kessil A360we

Auto topup system: JBJ ATO + new jet 1200

Dosing system: Kamoer 3 channel.

Additives: ESV 2 part.

Power consumption

2XReef Octo 5000: 120watts

BK skimmer:50watts

2xVortech wavemaker:70watts

Daikin compressor:775watts


Ato system:21watts

Exhaust fans:16watts

Refugium light:27watts

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Can i know where is pinnacle?

Look for Pacific Marine in the map, Plot 32 Pasir Ris Dr 12 Singapore 510000




LFS Map in singapore
·´¯`·.¸. , . .·´¯`·.. >((((º>
Cheers and Happy Reefing....

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Can i know where is pinnacle?

I was there again yesterday morning and the sun coral is no longer available. Its being displayed in the tank! But Iwarna has quite a few supersuns inside their display tank which is available for sales!

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Pineapple fish!!! Ive been looking for it for a long tIme!!! Wats e damage bro?

You going to kill me for it.. LOL... I have two in my tank, the rest I think RWS took most of them. Came in 14 Pieces.. It is big, at least 4-5inch.

It is going for $150..

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