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Fish Carnival 2012 - Event highlight, contest and info

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If you are a newbie in this hobby or a reefer whom always wanted to know more about the marine or fresh water aquarium. Please drop by on Saturday ( 08.12.2012 ) during the event to join in one of the talks below.

Free to all to attend and get to talk to the speaker from both local & oversea speaker whom will be there . There will also be a short Q & A after the talk as well as a lucky draw for those who attended with attractive prizes to be won !! :yahoo: :yahoo:

Some information of the talks held on the event as follows;

Date : 08 .12. 2012 (Sat)

From : 1330 to 1530

1330 - 1400 How to set up a Frog Terrarium (Basic) - Green Chapter - Green Chapter

1400 - 1430 How to set up a freshwater shrimp tank (Basic, Beginner) - Green Chapter

1430 - 1500 Salt versus natural seawater, and the importance of testing and supplementing in reef aquariums - By REDSEA

1500 - 1530 )How to set up a Frog Terrarium (Basic) - Green Chapter

1530 Onward - Lucky draw with attractive prizes to be won.

Hope to see you all at the talk .. :superman:

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Also expect to see some interesting marine fresh water tank setup, beautiful ELOS tank, Jelly Fish tank, Interesting vivarium / terrarium concept setup, and dropping slop tank ( Personally Tuned by Henry :yeah: ) ect....

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