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White spot

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What really cause white spot on the fish?? My tank just die . Before my fish die there's a out break of white spot and no mood to eat. Aft 2 days the fish die. And now even my nemo have white spot but this nemo is greedy in food. Can some Si fu help out. Ph lvl was at 7.9 after adding the ph powder.

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do more regular water change, lower salinity, increase temperature.

these are the regular pointers i came across.

The spirit of sharing...

always remember forum is like its name - forum

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Think of white spots being like the flu germs. Healthy fish will usually be immune but in the event of overfeeding and increased detritus, an outbreak can occur. Another cause of it is stress due to a new fish being just introduced without prior quarantine i.e. the new fish needs to be strengthened and feeding steadily in a , say, two gall tank.

Usage of Seachem Buffer plus its Reef Builder should maintain a steady 8.3ph and alkalinity.

In any event, the use of Stress Zyme on a regular basis will help to promote the good guys whose role is to neutralize the tank detritus.

U need to net the fish out and use an anti-ich medication as the treatment can last up to a week. The tank itself must also be dosed to kill the parasites that r now multiplying in it. Without the fish, the parasites will die n the system will normalise faster.

Fellow reefers have had success using a Kent Marine product.

NB. My tank was hit last month and the outbreak was halted within two weeks. But I dosed with Aquapharm Ich Cure followed by Melafix in a quarantine tank.

Good luck.

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U can try kent marine vatmn c + kent marine garlic dont do any other medication let the fish do the fasting about 4 to 7 days rise temp up to 32 bring dw the san.. to 1.019 or lower... need to Q T the sick creature.... god bls it...

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  • SRC Member

There are no short cut ways of treating Ich (white spots).. QT ur fishes before sending them into display tank.. All those reef safe medication are useless..

Ich outbreak is most probably cause by bad water parameters, drastic water parameter change (PH), drastic temperature changes, that causes the fishes to be stress.. Even if u quarantine the fish, with bad water parameters on ur display tank, itch will still attach to ur fishes.

Treatments: (All this required quarantine tank)


Copper Treatment

Dont fast them.. Sebe, i don't know where u get the idea of fasting.. It makes it worst.. Ich attached to the body of the fishes when they are stress. Not feeding makes it worst.

If u dont have QT tank, u can try my solution. It helped me get my Blue Tang (Most Sensative to Ich) into tip top condition.

They best way to prevent Ich is to build up their Immune system (this is not a cure, this boost their immune system by feeding).. Try to get them to eat, soak food with garlic solution (Garlic Guard). Keep doing it everyday until your fish is stable n ichless. When i meant ichless, i meant by 3 - 4 weeks without ich.

Try to avoid drastic changes in ur water parameters. No Ammonia, No Nitrite, Low Nitrate, Constant PH, Constant Tempreature..

Reef Parameters:

S.G: - 1.024 - 1.026

Temp: 26 - 28

PH: 8.2 - 8.4

Alk: 8 - 10

Ammonia - 0ppm

Nitrite - 0ppm

Nitrate - <10ppm

Teh'sTankSetup Decomm on 18/8/2012

Tank: 2x1x1 Rimless Tank (Sumpless)

Lighting: Aquazonic 2x24watts T5 (Actinic x Sun White)

Moonlight: Acardia 1W Led Light (Blue)

Filter: ISTA Max Care Cannister

Skimmer: Bubble Magus E3

Chiller: Resun CL450 (Aquazonic Evo Pump)

Wave: Boyu WM-25

Commissioned 20/9/2012

Tank: 3x2x2.5

Lighting: 250w DeLighting MH/ 2x 39w Delighting Diy T5 ATI Blue Plus

Skimmer: H&S Skimmer Type 110-F2000

Chiller: CL450 (Aquazonic Evo Pump)

Return Pump: Eheim 1260

Reactor: D&D H2Ocean FMR 75 (ADA 1500 Pump)(Rowaphos)

Wavemaker: 2x SunSun Wavemaker (3000L)


Conch ll Basic

ATO System/Tunze Osmolator

Magic Marine 3CH Dosing Pump

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U kw bro if u look at those wild animal inclued fish i mean only those wild creature...they refused to eat when they r sick those immune system of the body organ will build up after the fasting they r geting more stronger n healthy...do u know how long does the fish can live without any food?

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make sure your tank is not overcrowded. keep your water condition good. I usually dont do anything in the event of ich. I just make sure all water parameters is ok. and ride it out. usually the ich will just die off.... i am not sure if my cleaner shrimp is helping ..... advise is buy your livestocks from good shops.... aquamarin is my favourite.

Tank : 2.5 x1.5 x 2

Skimmer : Bubble Magus NAC3.5

Lighting : Maxspect 110W

Chiller : Hailea 150 @ 27Deg

Salt : TropicMarin

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Remove the nemo into quarantine tank. Do Water Change for tank up to 80%. If you top up using NSW, do remember to check the PH because some of the LFS NSW PH is 7.8 or lower. If PH low, add Seachem marine PH buffer (a little will do, depending on how bog is your tank. Go fishless in this tank for 6-8 weeks. For the nemo in the quarantine tank, do a hyposalinity of 1.008. Use a refractomer meter or American Pinpoint Salinity Monitor for accuracy. This hypo quarantine should last 8 weeks. Check PH of quarantine tank right from beginning and constantly during the hypo process. Low salinity will cause PH to drop.

The above is best procedure. But if you have only 1 nemo in the tank now and it is still eating regularly, do at least a water change of 80% and pray for the best. I have seen cases where the only fish will survive. It's a 50-50. But chances of survival will increase greatly if you add a UV Steriliser with pump into this tank.............

Good luck.............

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