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looking for LS or soft corals

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Hello reefers,

I am looking to buy following livestocks for my tank..

Hippo tang or powder blue tang around 3 inch

Salaifin tang

Rabbit fox face

Pair of clown fish

Cleaning crew - pair of cleaner shrimps, sea cucumber, snails, etc

Inexpesive frags of soft corals.

Please watsapp or sms on 98266652 if u have any of the above.

Happy reefing!!

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Hello reefers,

I bought few LS from reef pacific last week, however, would like to check if someone wants to sell or give away juvenile tangs? Prefer sailfin, yellow, hippo or naso but others also welcome, however should be juvenile. I saw few of juvenile hippo tangs at the fish carnival but not sure which stall...

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      Dear VIPs of ABA,
      In case you do not know, below are the top 4 services we provide!

      1. Water Change (Natural filtered Sea water) + Glass cleaning.
      We provide up to 100% water change for you without the need to worry about spilling. Not only that, we will also help to wipe away the nasty algae formed on your glass! 
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      Information required: Budget, Tank size and what kind of corals/fishes you want to keep.

      3. Aquascaping service. 
      We can supply you liverock/dry rock and dead rock for scaping and help you fulfil your desired shape. Show us a picture of the kind of scape you want or inspire to build, and let us know what corals/fishes you would like to keep. We can also package our corals that's enough to fully fill your tank.
      Information required: Tank size and type of corals you want.

      4. Maintainence service.
      As we know maintainence is a TIRING chore, why don't you leave it to ABA! We will help you to maintain your tank weekly by helping you to do basic water test and help you tune your dosing. We also help to clean or water change if required, else we will replenish the chemical your tank is lacking of!
      Information required: Picture of your tank and tank size.

      Tell us which service you require. (Can be done through facebook messenger!)
      Example: Service number 2 to build a customise tank.
      Give us your budget, tank size, cabinet maximum height size, and we will plan the rest for you (equipment, livestock if needed and seawater or salt mix)

      Thank you for your kind attention.
      Management of Ah Beng Aquarium
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    • By ragu magalingam
      Hi all,
      As above title states, these Australian Xenia colonies on rocks as well as frags have achieved nice growth in my tank, stable and doing really well. Letting go only to make room for other types of corals.
      PM only if really keen.
      Collection is in Sengkang. 
      Xenia Colony on rocks:
      Colony 1: $60

      (Horizontal view)

      (Vertical View)
      Colony 2: $50

      Colony 3 (abt 12-15 polyps): $30

      Colony 4: $20

      Colony 5: $20

      Colony 6 (with mushrooms & 3 golden clove polyps): $80

      Xenia Frags:
      Frag: $25

      Frag Plug: $20

      A bunch of Frag Plugs in Tray: $50

    • By Bozzykoh
      A. Golden Clove frag-$18
      B. Neon tip Leather coral (about 8.5 cm across )-$28
      C. Leptastrea(mid size frag disk/encrusted )-$35
      D. Mohawk Frag (at least 7 polyp )-$15
      E. Ultra Metallic GSP - $20
      F. Gold Meister Chalice - $35
      G.Ultra Lumi Green tip blue base Yuma-$25
      H. Neon Torch (3 heads)-$40
      I.  Indigo Paly -$25
      J. Clam ( M-Size) $40
      K. Ultra lumi tip Gonio Colony (Opens to hand size ) -$45
      L.Bright Orange Plate coral-$35 
    • By Bozzykoh
      Selling the following corals ! =)
      WA/Msg : 8752 9711
      Watermelon Favia ( At least 6 heads & encrusted) -$25
      Duncan ( At least 7 heads ) - $30
      Ultra Lumi Gonio ( Colony size ) - $45
      Ultra Lumi Yuma ( Around 3.5cm ) - $28
      Rhodactis ( Frag plug size ) $20
      Bright orange plate (small) $ 25
    • By shaunchan
      Selling a beautiful Elegance Coral from my tank. More information below: 
      Species: Catalaphyllia jardinei Common Name: Elegance Coral Origin: Indonesia Care Level: Beginner Color: Daylight: Mostly beige/pink, with white tipped tentacles. Actinic: Jade green Water Params:  Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 26 - 27c Alk / Cal / Mg: Not fussy as long as stable. Size:  ~21cm wide (fully opened) ~12cm high (fully opened) Temperament: Non aggressive. Peaceful with small fish, crustaceans and inverts Number of mouths: >6 Diet: Mostly photosynthetic. Weekly frozen Mysis and plankton Characteristics: Acclimated to a medium flow area with medium/high lighting. Exceptionally graceful, long tentacles gives the aqua-scape a lot of motion within the tank. Reason for sale: Outgrown my 50g tank. I think her beauty needs to be displayed in a more appropriate environment. The Images portray the actual specimen. (WYSIWYG)
      Price: S$90.00.
      I am located in Holland Village area.

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