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Is algae filter screen really work?


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Filter Screen as in Algae Turf Scrubber?

It does work but I dont think a stand alone ATS is usefull. Skimmer still needs to come into play.

Skimmer = Most important part of any reef enthusiast.

Teh'sTankSetup Decomm on 18/8/2012

Tank: 2x1x1 Rimless Tank (Sumpless)

Lighting: Aquazonic 2x24watts T5 (Actinic x Sun White)

Moonlight: Acardia 1W Led Light (Blue)

Filter: ISTA Max Care Cannister

Skimmer: Bubble Magus E3

Chiller: Resun CL450 (Aquazonic Evo Pump)

Wave: Boyu WM-25

Commissioned 20/9/2012

Tank: 3x2x2.5

Lighting: 250w DeLighting MH/ 2x 39w Delighting Diy T5 ATI Blue Plus

Skimmer: H&S Skimmer Type 110-F2000

Chiller: CL450 (Aquazonic Evo Pump)

Return Pump: Eheim 1260

Reactor: D&D H2Ocean FMR 75 (ADA 1500 Pump)(Rowaphos)

Wavemaker: 2x SunSun Wavemaker (3000L)


Conch ll Basic

ATO System/Tunze Osmolator

Magic Marine 3CH Dosing Pump

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Algae scrubber is proven to work and imo takes up less space, reduce carbon footprint(I'm using led scrubber), the best part is you do not need to change water too frequently(I change 5% per mth for my 600l tank), regular cleaning n removing algae weekly is much better than cleaning filter sock, skimmer cup, change po4 and carbon when exhausted. save money in the long run.

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