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WTS old matured Live Rocks.


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Live rock with me for any years and no worms or any bad creatures becuase undergone special treatments.

I never feed my fishes many years so there must many live food in there.

Buyers can have some of my cheato which is cultivated at top layer above the rocks. But depends on kgs of rocks for cheato amount.

Selling $3/kg at Jurong West. SMS me 96354369.

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given 2 pails of size 1 corals to a nice buyer. But I have forgotten that I have 1.5 pails still left in the toilet!

corals chips are from my sump which leaked months ago. Took out and never put back so the corals chips had dry up so no bacteria anymore.

Pls bring yor own pail for these chips.

1/4 cheato of 5 feet tank left. Live Rock left about 40-50 kgs (60-70% taken).

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THX adrian. seems u are one of the nice guy who have taken some of the rocks. enjoy it. mine started to grow coraline fast after I have shifted the leftover chaetos to one side. As I do not like coraline algae covers my rocks, I have to get rid of them fast or re-spread out my chaetos to cover the rocks again.

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