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Hey Vincent! Yups everything is good and I have completed my cycling process. Tank still very messy from all that Algae bloom but its clearing really fast. Hopefully by end of this week can do a

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I would like to request for a quote for the following tank dimension with sump. Setup is for marine aquarium

3ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft with no bracing looking at least 10mm glass thickness. White laminated cabinet with a 1.5ft x 1ft - 3 section sump 

Additional request - 

1) black oyama on the left and bottom panel of glass 

2) Tank over flow centralised on the left panel preferably with black acrylic or black tinted glass

3) Cabinet with slits for chiller ventilations on the front and the back

4) If possible, a stainless steel/aluminium bend bar for light hanging (light set weighs max around 10kg)

Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon

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Tank setup

4ft x 1.5ft x 1.5ft (3 way viewing)

ATI Sunpower 6 x 39w

Arctica 1/5Hp

Skimz SM161 skimmer

Smart ATO system

Jebao DC 12k

Jebao dosing pump (Fauna Marine Lite balling - Thinking)

Jebao RW 15 wavemaker

Upgrading in Process.....

More infomation coming soon!

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