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Resun CL650 external temperature probe mod


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Decided to mod my Resun chiller to an external temp probe. Not that the internal probe is faulty, but i juz wan a monitor the temperature inside the display tank instead of the chiller itself.

To start with, I gotten a FOX digital control panel meter model 1004 at $75 in Sim Lim Tower B1. From the operating manual, the are 3 version of the meter. 1004, E1004 and S1004. 1004 and S1004 display the temp with a .1 decimal point, etc 28.5 degree. However 1004 can b used for measuring heater and chiller temp whereas S1004 for chilling only. E1004 display 2 digits of the temp, etc 428 degree and is able to measure heater and chiller temp.

Testing phase


Long story short, replace the chiller's temp panel by adding the FOX meter between the input voltage from 3 pin plug to chiller compressor.


The live and neutral wire of your household plug goes to the point 11 and 12 of the FOX meter. Either wire goes to either point as theres no + or - point. Point 12 is also used to provide one of the supply to the chiller compressor. You will need to short point 9 and 11 together to form a supply to the relay of the FOX meter. Point 10 is one of the output going to the chiller compressor. The temperature probe wiring come as attached so no need to touch them..


Hope nothing goes 'boom' when i switch it on....


Success!!! Now to hard-wire everything in...

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Before you can reach the panel, you will need to open up the chiller. Maybe a good time to clean the radiator fin and fan too? Also check for rust on all the pipings? Make sure the chiller is not plugged into a power socket...


Open the front panel of the chiller by simply lifting up the vent panel as its held down by magnets. Do clean the filter netting while at it..


Disconnect the power wire to the chiller compressor and control panel.


This is the internal temp wire. 2 connectors needs to be disconnected. One end leading to the probe, another end leading to the control panel.

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I hope you do remember to remove most of the water out of the chiller...

Remove all 8 of the screws around the chiller casing. 4 on each side just below the handles.


To remove the handle, you gonna reach into the casing and depress the 2 side tabs of the handle casing.


Tabs as shown. Take caution as they tend to break easily.


Remove both the intake and output piping of the chiller. Just twist the plastic nut off. Clean the inside of debris if possible.


Another nut below the intake and output pipes. Off with this one to..Might need some strength. Now can remove casing!

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To reach the control panel, you need to remove the plastic covering protect it.


Four plastic catch are securing the cover. Just push the tabs inwards and pull the cover upwards. 4 screws holding the panel, unscrew them and free the panel!


Control panel circuit board. The white and black wire on the left provides supply to the panel from your 3 pin plug. The red and black wire on the right provide supply to the compressor and fan. The blue wire provide supply to a external heater but given Singapore's temperature, look like we do not need them..


I had observed different color of wires had been used for different Resun chiller. Even of the same model as I happened to take apart 2 CL650. In this case you might want to noted the position of the wiring and do some wiring tracing.


You can tie up the remaining internal temp wire in a bag, just in case there is a need for them in the future..

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Installing the FOX panel


Using the size of the panel given on the operating manual, I cut a hole to fit my panel on the chiller itself.


To make everything neater, I covered them with plastic wrapper and cable tied the wiring.


Fix everything back and you are good to go!


You can run the temp probe from the filter covering by cutting a small slot at the side of it. Chiller is now up and running. Less kicking in due to more control of the temperature. Can adjust the delay, differential and correction of the temperature. Job well done..Time to grab a beer...

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Hi bro , just asking, what is the recommended flow rate in the sticker pasted on chiller for your resun cl 650

| Display : 48x30x22 Skimmer : SK-201 skimz

| Sump : 30x24x18 Wavemaker : 2x RW-15 , 1x RW-8

| Cooling : 1HP titanium drop in coil ATO : JBJ

| Lighting : ATI Sunpower 8x54w + 48x cree xte royal blue Return : Jebao dc-6000

| Dosing : Jebao dosing pump [ CaCl2 + NaHCO3 ] Pump :

| Reactor : FSZ Z160 zeolite reactor & phosban 150

| System : ZEOVIT

decomm-ed :

Ydkm SPS reef

:wub: >><< :wub:

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I just want to replace build in temperature sensor by external sensor, where I can buy the external sensor? 

What is th

e sensor resistance? 

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