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post-2925-0-43134400-1373958870_thumb.jp few coral for sale,

viewing and collection at geyland east ave 3 industrial estate from monday-friday 10-6pm only.

pls call or sms to : ERIC at 9770 0sixsix0 water and bags provided.priority given for reefer that take more.thanks

1;alvepora coral 3head type sellin $20post-2925-0-01976800-1373959125_thumb.jp

2;gonio green bone ard 5cm sellin $20post-2925-0-96032600-1373959131_thumb.jp

3;green bubble,doing well pic show becos of a wave maker hittin it...same $20post-2925-0-14958400-1373959226_thumb.jp

4;normal clam size aga 5-6cm selling hmm...also $20 larpost-2925-0-38830500-1373959234_thumb.jp

5;mohawk zoas whole rock more then 30 polyps selling $30post-2925-0-53674000-1373959240_thumb.jp

6;glove polyppost-2925-0-86445200-1373961616_thumb.jp

forgot to add there is 2 cleaner shirmp for those that buy coral free,FCFS:)


Too many hobby......too little money!

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