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WTS: Skimmer - Red Sea Prizm Deluxe / Bubble Magus NAC QQ


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Currently, I am running these 2 skimmers and would like to upgrade to 1 bigger skimmer.

1. Red Sea Prizm - $100

Purchased this first hand in April 2013





2. Bubble Magus NAC - QQ - $30

Purchased this 2nd hand in July 2013

Note: missing sand cover and mount screw.


This is how it should look like.


Collection at Woodlands.

Apologize for the poorly taken pictures.

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I take your BM Bro, contact me 93899400

---2Ft Cube by MarineLife---2008-2009

http://w w w.absolutereef . com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12369

Skimmer: Deltec APF600 feeder by Eheim 1250

Lighting: Solite 150MH 14k

Supplement: Giesemann T5 Razor, Actinic Plus ~22k

Top-up: Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155

Return: Eheim 1260

Reactor: Skimz FR Rowaphos


---1.5Ft Cube by Iwarna---2010- ???


Tank: 1.5Ft Cube,Sump with Chengai Wood Cabinate

skimmer: Reef Oct Nw110

Return: Eheim 1250

Chiller: Hailea HC150A with feeder Eheim Compact 1000

Reactor: Phosphan with Rowaphos

Lighting: MaxSpec G2 110w,DELighting T5 ATI*2,Giesemann T5 Razor ATI*2

WaveMaker: MP10 VorTech

Top Up : ATO with Tank

-------------------------Your Advice is my Success

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