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feeding fresh clam for new added fishes

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Hi all,

I have problem getting a new fish to get feeding even with frozen mysis.

It has been 2 weeks, the fish has not been eating, but still not skinny yet.

I am quite worry.

I am thinking of trying fresh clam from wet market.

Anyone has experience with fresh clam?

any type of clam i can use? such as "la la " clam?

is there other things i should know such as washing the fresh clam? chopping into smaller pcs for smaller fish?

will adding fresh clam cause ammonia to spike?

need help here.

Tks in adv!

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What fish is it bro? If its either an angel or butterfly then white clams are almost irresistible to them. Clams like this that u can find at the market : post-19676-13768716133801_thumb.jpg

From my experience, observe where the fish usually swim and see which live rock/area it will peck at or look for food at. That's where you place the clams.

If its a small fish like an anthias or chromis, cyclopeeze is your best bet.

Have a good morning :D :D

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hey Bombom Bro,

TQ for your reply and good picture! :)

yes mine is an small angelfish.

Do i need to chop into smaller pcs? i am not sure if they can bite it off from the clam fresh. :upsidedown:

how long can i leave it in the tank, if the fish show no interest?

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Besides fresh clam, I have success with frozen cooked clams which u can get from ntuc/giant. In addition, my own killer food mix also includes frozen scallop, sotong, oyster, mussels, prawns and cyclopeeze. Just cut up the frozen seafoods into cubes and dump into a food processor. Add spirulina powder and garlic juice and end product is a paste form. Then I just pack them into empty frozen mysis cube tray for easy use everyday. My angels, tangs, cardinals, chromis,... etc all love it. Even newly bought MI also fell for it. Try mixing your own and u will get darn great satisfaction seeing your fishes pigging them away...

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i had a potter angel which dont feed on pellet too=( so need to remove the clam from its shell or just put it in?

why dun you try both methods since you are gonna get a bagful of clams?

let your fish decide the best way to 'serve'...

btw, if you just put it in, I assumed you mean split open the shell first.

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If you are feeding clams in Reef tank, please be careful of your nutrients level.

IMHO, it is best to entice new fishes to eat in a separate tank first before introducing into your main tank.

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My flagfin angel not interested in clam..put one in only my emperor angel bit..when the clam flesh come out from the shell, my blue tang go bit..overall, the way they eat like very enjoying..

Look like clam is not recommended for my tank..

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