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Hi all, I have been having a rather err... uncommon problem with my current nano set up. "Pest" algae is not growing AT ALL. I have a lawnmower blennie (affectionately known as grumpy fish >:( ) who needs it a lot. He's suffering from the lack of it and is nearly becoming thin. I have had my last water change 2 months ago(exam period. Chiong study all the way) and I haven't changed the filter cotton in 1 weeks in hopes of increasing algae through increased nitrates. I'm not using test kits but my anemone (only invert in tank) seems fine(it has survived 100ppm tested last time). I also have 1 light on all day and another on for 16 hours(super long I know, but how else to grow algae?) So how? I don't want grumpy to die :'(

Tl:dr-thin Blenny, no algae, cannot grow, long light with big nutrients

Thanks! :D any help would be appreciated

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Try feeding pellets. Mine does eat

Mine doesn't :( and I finished all my pellet food already, and I feed mysis, which it also doesn't eat. So I always keep the tank with a suitable amount of algae for it, which suddenly stopped growing :(
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