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    • By Admiraltian
      Tank was custom made oct 2015. Front glass crystal glass only. 12mm thick for display, sump glass is 8mm. As it’s old tank and display has scratches here and there, not for the fussy buyers definitely. Letting go cheap for any interested party, tank, sump and cabinet as shown in my pictures, not including equipments. $200 for everything, ie. display tank, sump and cabinet including the side cabinet which used to house the chiller compressor. Location in woodlands. Pls pm me if keen.
      Pls read carefully and I will not respond to rhetorical questions eg how much for the lights? Pls arrange own mover at ur own cost. Tank has no leaks and will be at the buyer’s liability to conduct his own leak test as it is a old tank. If no takers, will scrap it during new tank arrival. Thanks for reading.
    • By loonz
      Got this for my refugium but it turned out to be too powerful. Tested it for under a minute.
      Sun Sun HQJ 1000b.
      1000 litres/hour at 12w

    • By Bear
      Hi all, upgrading tank thus selling some equipment... and helping fren to sell some stuff too. if interested can pm me ur contact and we can carry on from there... thanks alot!!
      1) 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Cabinet (used for 1year+): $200. Can include the 2.5ft sump FOC.

      2) Hailea HS-66A (Bought in August'17): $200
      3) Bubble Magus C5.5: $100
      4) SKIMZ water pump WP-VSC6 (http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1910): $140
      5) Jebao SW-4 Propeller Water Pump Wavemaker: $30
      6) Marine Magic Dosing Pump: $50

      7) SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers: $30

      8) 3 stage rodi system - $80
    • By gymbvolka
      decided to decom the below , 
      1. nano 1.5ft cube crystal glass tank - S$190
      1.5ft crystal glass cube build in acrylic sump ( enough space for a small footage skimmer in side the sump) White cabinet ( matt white ) FOC marine pure sphere ball and bio ring, feeding cup and magnet glass cleaner. 2. Maxspect Nano - S$140
      3. Ehiem compact 2000+plus - S$ 70.00 come with box and manual.
      4.Crystal DI filter unit - S$45 ( FOC tap attachment , tubing and TDS pen and some remaining resin )
      Currently,  now housing fresh water setup. i need 3 days to clear the fish tank if confirmed.
      The whole tank can be transported via mini van and a trolley without dismantling.
      Good for reefer who want a small nano setup or has limited space.
      Viewing is welcome , FCFS
      PM me if you are keen.

    • By Harry H
      Dear Reefers, need advice.
      I upgraded to a larger All-in-one tank 12.5g  from IM Nuvo 10g. I have a) customized Media basket and b )the Minimax Innovative marine desktop reactor from my previous tank. I repurposed both to become two refugiums because I have the accessories (ie free) and why two refugium?:- because there is a seperator in the backchamber so it ended up with two. I installed the Chaetomax LED light 2 days ago and both share the LED light. A friend kindly provided me a pinch of Chaeto so I am all set. And today just bought some Tiger pods and added to both refugiums (this is for fun as I know I should have waited LONGER. Me bad.)
      Here is the question: the Minimax reactor is acrylic and transparent. Is it a good idea to place that into the AIO backchamber as a repurposed refugium? Will the "leaked" light cause the whole AIO chamber to grow algae??!!! Or because of the presence of the two lumps of Chaetos in their respective refugiums, they will take up the nutrients and the surrounding will be algae free? Reefer bros/sis with such similar experiences, please enlighten me. Thanks. (The Media Basket is black on 2 sides but the chamber is black so in essence there should be less light "leakage"). Or maybe it doesn't even matter? Or should i make a customized shade so that the Chaetomax LED light only shine on the two refugiums? Or i should get rid of the repurposed Minimax reactor and purchase another Media basket (like S$58!!!!) to prevent light leakage. You can see I need real HELP!
      Past Mistake
      I know what DOESNT work. In my old IM 10G tank, i saw Innovative Marine marketing this outside LED magnetic light. Use a razor to slice off the black lamination and shine a LED light through. And the video looks so cool. I had some empty space in the backchamber and I did exactly that and put some rough material in the chamber for the Chaeto to cling on. The result is the whole area become a sludge fest and the algae blocked the light and I had one extra area to clean. On hinsight, I should have used the Media Basket as a refugium instead of using the "free" space in the chamber. Too much work and fault is mine. Had I used the Media basket, it might have worked.
      I know there is a proportionate effective ratio between size of tank and the refugium size. Having two small refugiums might be pointless.. yes water change,  yes good tank maintenance etc.. it is just hobbyist tinkering but at least I hope i can achieve optimal tinkering with my reefer bros' advice here. After all this is the joy of the hobby to experiment and see the outcome.
      Super thanks!!!
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