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clownfish keep dying

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My 2.5 ft is already 4 mths. I had kept a yellow tang, 4 clown fishes and some corals and one doctor shrimp. My yellow tang was being infected with ich one mth ago and was cured but unfortunately for my 4 normal clown fishes, it was totally been wiped off due to ich. Since then I had keep replacing with new clown fishes but it does not last long. Currently left with 2 clown fishes from latest batch whereby one with fungus body and the other eating well. Hoping they survive. I had measured the water parameter (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate etc) which found to be good. I also had my protein skimmer, UV and also chiller for my tank.

I intend to get clarkli clown fish instead of normal clown. Is Clarkli more stable than normal clown fish as I had lost hope in keeping clown fishes which easily infected with ich.

Currently I had added aquapharm anti ich into the tank. I do not have place for quarantine tank.

Need someone to advise when can I add new fishes and what should I do next.

Thanks Bro for advise.

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Bro maybe you could stop stocking your tank and wait for a month or 2. If no more casualties then start adding slowly.

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Thanks Bro. Will stock up 1 to 2 mths time. Hope to have successful tank. Thanks for advice
Don't give up. The parasite is still in your tank. Let your tank stable a while more. A month or so and get stable clown fishes like those in coral farm to start with. They usually last very long in fact. They are my longest surviving fishes.

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