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SPS & Zoa frags hot sale!


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hey fellas! putting some frags up for sale.


Fruitloops ~12 polyps @ $28.


Purple Crazy Skirts zoas, 10-15 big polyps for the frag @ $10.



Acropora Plana. green & purple color. around 1" multi-branch frag @ $15


Pink birdnest. 1" multi-branch frag @ $15


SMS me at 9106-3934. collection on weekdays after 10, weekends at pasir ris or woodlands dr72.


EvolutionZ's Floating Reef:

(Decommed) EvolutionZ's 4ft shallow Mixed Reef Build :

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Ups!!! For you bro

300Gallons of Pure Goodness! >Dimensions 6x2x2 (Foot)

1: Maxspect 160 Watt qty-2

2: Vortech MP 40 Wes

3:Jaebao WP40 qty-2

3: Skimz Becket Skimmer/ Ehiem 1260

4: Dymax XC 900 Calcium Reactor

5: American Pinpoint PH Controller

6: Iwaki MD 55 And MD 70 (Return)

7: Hydra Aquatics FR45 Reactor

8:Hailea 10HP Chiller

R2R forum->>>http://www.reef2reef.com/forums/photography-forum/154896-ashwins-reefing-photography.html

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