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SRC Tank of the Quarter - Kylve ( Dec 2013 - Feb 2014 )

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SRC is proud to fatured this quarter TOTQ winner - Kylve beautiful Mixed reef tank.



It all started when my BIL tempted me into this hobby with 1 pair of nemo ( clownfish ) with live rock in a simple 1ft tank. Within 2 weeks, I started to fall in love with this wonderful hobby and got another 2ft tank, keeping zoas . After less than 5 month, found my current tank being too small, and it so happen that a reefer is decommissioning his tank, and wanted to give away his 5 ft tank that landed me into my current 5ft setup.

I Started my new tank keeping zoas and pratas with lots of fishes. Unfortunately , Murphy's law always happens when you are not around. My chillier pump spoilt suddenly and it causes the water temperature in the tank to rise which result in all pratas melting off. Shortly after this lesson learn, I Change to a compressor chiller together with a auto temp cut off system install with my MH lighting. In 2009, when i decided to try keeping SPS corals , all the corals was growing well. That is also when I decided to rescape my tank and sold off all my fishes and corals to try out my current system with lesser rock and bioload.



I started off my tank again this time round with numerous frags and small bioload of minimum fishes. One fine day, i was poison by a SRC reefer ezman with angels fishes, that i decided to setup another tank for these beauty, so i transfer all my zoas over to another dedicated running system so that i can keep my angelfishes in my main tank. By doing so, this also helps to increase my water volume and enable me to add more fishes which i loved !!!

I still love to see my tank fill with corals with many fishes swimming around freely which looks colorful and make my tank lively !


Tank specifications

Salinity: 1.026

Temperature: 26

Ph: 8

Calcium - 430

Alkalinity– 9

Magnesium – 1500


Tank: Hardware

Skimmer: deltec 851

Dosing pump: Tom Aquatics Aqua-Lifter Dosing Pump with timer

Chiller: 1HP compressor drop in coil

Biopellet / reactor: Biopellet reactor

Main return pump: OR 3500 and eheim 1260

Wave maker: 2 x Vortech MP40W, 1 x Tunze 6250, 1 x Tunze 6850

Others Equipments : JBJ auto top up

Lighting period : De-Lighting tube

2 x Blue Plus + 2 x aquablue special (From 11am to 11.30pm)

3 x 250W MH 15K Bulb : aqua lighting(From 3.30pm to 8pm)


Addictive used

No, i dont use much addictive on my tank as I tend to feed my fishes a lot which i belive in turn will the corals in my tank.

Tank maintenance

7 to 10 days change 25L of pre salt mix using DD salt. 4 to 5 days cleaning of skimmer cup and changing of cotton wool. Every 1 week mixing and topping up of cal,mag and alkalinity solution using food grade powder.

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Live stocks – Corals


Montipora digitatas, Montiporas capricornis, Seriatopora hystrix, Seriatopora caliendrum ,



Pocillopora damicornis, Acropora tortuosa, Acropora prostrata, Acropora valida, Acropora tenuis,

Acropora anthocercis, Acropora millepora, Acropora nasuta







Ricordea yuma, Rhodactis inchoata, Trumpet coral, frogspawn coral, mini carpet



Live Stocks - Fish:

Holacanthus ciliaris (Queen Angelfish)

Pomacanthus navarchus (majestic angelfish)

Pomacanthus xanthometopon (Juv blue face angelfish)

Pomacanthus imperator (Juv emperor angelfish)

Apolemichthys trimaculatus (blue lips)

Centropyge potteri (potter's angelfish)

Centropyge aurantia (Golden angelfish)

Centropyge bispinosa (Coral Beauty Angelfish)

Genicanthus bellus (bellus angelfish)(Female)

Zebrasoma xanthurum (purple tang)

Priolepis nocturna (white tiger goby)

blue chromis

1 pair Amphiprion percula (True Percula Clownfish)

1 pair Amphiprion ocellaris var.(black clown)

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Some personal Q & A questions

1. How long have you been reefing?

Ans: 5 years

2. How did you get into this hobby?

Ans: as above

3. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy?

Ans: I love both!!

4. Any dream fish or coral you wish to own one day ?

Ans: too many to list..lol

5. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment?

Ans: Reliability & affordability

6. What is your favorite past time

Ans: surfing SRC and going to LFS. Staring at the tank …

7. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby?

Ans: To see sps and zoas growing from frags to colony.

8. Any advice for newbie in this hobby?

Ans: Patience.. And do a lot of read up in the forum.. It helps a lot. And makes friends with all the wonderful reefing friends who will be more then happy to share their experience with you.

Final Acknowledgement and thank you note (If any).

To my wife, for her tolerance and understanding as I always spent a lot of time on the tank..LOL

To all my reefing kaki who we share corals with.. PS : u know who you are

And also thanks to SRC where we can share and learn from each other.

More photos of his setup can be found on our facebook page ; ( https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151997705258004.1073741830.109005173003&type=1 )

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Congrats!!! Wonderfull tank

.Envy bro! :) :)..

300Gallons of Pure Goodness! >Dimensions 6x2x2 (Foot)

1: Maxspect 160 Watt qty-2

2: Vortech MP 40 Wes

3:Jaebao WP40 qty-2

3: Skimz Becket Skimmer/ Ehiem 1260

4: Dymax XC 900 Calcium Reactor

5: American Pinpoint PH Controller

6: Iwaki MD 55 And MD 70 (Return)

7: Hydra Aquatics FR45 Reactor

8:Hailea 10HP Chiller

R2R forum->>>http://www.reef2reef.com/forums/photography-forum/154896-ashwins-reefing-photography.html

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Congrats upon congrats , Klyve.

Your reef mix is so natural that staring at it a bit longer makes me feel like being a fish swimming in your tank.

Absolutely stunning and daring with the Angels amongst the corals.

Truly inspirational .



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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Congrats, beautiful reef tank with equally beautiful angelfishes!!

Display Tank : 36" x 20" x 20" Herbie overflow box design, Sump : 36" x 21" x 17", Frag Tank : 16” x 20” x 16”, custom built by Tank Culture.

Lightings : Inled R80 x 3 with 2  x Illumagic Vitamini Super Actinic LED Striplight Bars.

Chiller : Dalkin 1hp compressor with build-in drop coil.

Skimmer : Skimz Octa SC205i Protein Skimmer.

FR : H2Ocean FMR75 Fluidised Media Reactor with Hailea HX-2500 (Feeder Pump) running Rowaphos.

CR : Skimz Monzter E Series CM122 Calcium Reactor.

Main Return Pump : SICCE Syncra ADV 9.0 & Jebao ACQ-10000 Water Pump.

Wavemaker : Jebao SOW-16M, SLW-30M & SLW-20M  Sine Wave Pump.

Water Top Up: Reef Octopus ATO.

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Beautiful reef.....



Reviving my reef tank :

Crystal glass 53" x 22" x 17" rimless (inclusive of 12"x22"x17" IOS)

Life Reef HVS3-24 with mazzei venturi

ATI Sunpower 8 x 39w T5 (4 x Blue plus, 2 x Aqua blue special, Coral plus)

ZET Light 3 x 3w LEDs moonlight

Arctica 1/3 Hp + 1/4 Hp back up

Vortech mp40w x 3 + Jebao wp25

Eheim 1264 x 3 + water blaster 5000

Vortech back up battery

TLF-150 + Rowaphos

Activated carbon

Kamoer 3 channel + CaCl2 + NaHCo3

150L Refugium with DSB, miracle mud, cheato

2ft T5 x 2 light tubes for refugium

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Congrats bro. Impressive!

Simple equipments n maintenance get amazing results.

And Ur queen never touch ur chalice n zoas?! Lucky

Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk

Thanks bro, what I felt is stable perimeter will have amazing result..

Hmm actually all my zoas and chalice is in another tank, linked up system..lol.

but I have small colony of dragon eye on DT which so far the angels never touch it.

Awesome looking tank. Congrats!

thanks bro

Grats!!!! beautiful tank! Must have spent plenty of man hours staring at it. haha

thanks bro, yes most of my free time is spent on staring on the tank..lol

Congratz!! Awesome bro

thanks bro

Congrats!!! Wonderfull tank

.Envy bro! :) :)..

thanks bro. your zoas collection are very nice..

Awesome and congrat!

thanks bro

Very nicely done! Congrats

thanks bro

wow congratulations, like the low maintenance routine =)

thanks bro.

|| Tank: 5x2x2.5 || Sump 3.5x1.5.1.5 || Lights: DeLighting 2x80w Aquable Special T5 ||

|| Return: 2 x ehiem 1264 || Skimmer: Skimz SM251 ||

|| CR: deltec denitrator || ATO with custom make reservior tank||

|| FR: TLF running Rowas ,UV ||

|| Wavemaker: Jebao RE20& RW15|| Chiller: Daikin 1HP Compressor ||

|| Monitor 1: American Marine Pinpoint Temperature monitor ||

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  • Similar Content

    • By Singapore Reef Club
      We are proud to share with you this quarter showcase of Darren's beautiful reef 3 feet reef tank. Congratulation !!
      Brief introduction of tank setup from Darren
      First up, I am delightful about being nominated for Tank of the Quarter. I never thought my tank would be worthy for this title but other hand I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my experience with the community. I have always looked up to those previous Tanks of the Quarter for inspiration and I am honored to be part of the list.
      I have kept freshwater tanks since I am young, but I was always was intimidated to try salt water. However few months ago I decided to give it a shot and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have gone through most new reefers experience trials. I started with a 3x1.5x1.5 crystal glass with a canister filter that I used for my freshwater aquarium. After 1 week I find out it's hard to maintain a saltwater tank with just a canister filter so I decided to go bigger and gotten a 322 tank with sump and cabinet from a reefer in Sgreefclub for affordable price. After several weeks I realized that the tank with 2 feet height is too high for me. I have to tip toe on the top of a chair in order to reach the bottom of the display tank to do my maintenance. In order to prevent any unnecessary accident from happening my last resort is to change a lower tank. After several days of considering, I went on to customize my own tank for my room. That's my current 3x2x1.5 tank from AA. That's when my journey started!!

      Within 2-4 months I changed 3 tanks so I advise reefers to plan properly ahead before committing to the hobby because I really didn’t do much research before jumping to saltwater. Read more and seek more advices before jumping into this hobby.

      Tank specifications
      Salinity: 1.022 ~ 1.023
      Temperature: 25.5 Degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit)
      Ph: Never measure
      Calcium – 420ppm (Salifert)
      Alkalinity– 10dkh (NYOS)
      Magnesium – 1260ppm (Salifert)

      Tank: Hardware
      Skimmer: Skimz SV203 Oval
      Mechanical filtration: Filter Sock
      Calcium Reactor: Skimz CM122
      Chiller: Hailea HS90A
      Biopellet / reactor: Skimz RR113 Recirculating
      Chemical filtration: Activated carbon
      Biological filtration: 2x Marine Pure block, Biohome, Bacterial king, Siporax medias
      Main return pump: Jebao DC 12k (Main return), Eden 135 (Chiller pump)
      Wave maker: Vortech MP40, MaxSpect Gyre XF 150
      Lighting: ATI SunPower T5 06 X 39W
      Lighting period: 10am – 9.30pm (3x Blue plus, 1x Purple plus), 1pm – 7pm (2x Coral plus)

      Addictive used
      So far I am only using Aquaforest Pro Bio S for bacteria growth. Dosing 3 drops a day at my medias section of the sump.

      Tank maintenance
      - Feed my fishes twice a day when i woke up and during dinner time. (Each 5 cubes of mysis, 1-2 drop of goldpods)
      - Clean the tank glass
      - Drip 3 drops of Aquaforest Pro Bio S
      - Check for any corals that drop on the sandbed
      Every 3-4 days
      - Empty my skimmer and clean it's neck
      - Give my filter socks a good scrub
      - Check all my parameters
      - Water change around 40% and suck out the dirt on the sandbed and sump
      - Change the carbon
      Every 6 months
      - Check for clog in my RR113 biopellet
      - Wash my wavemakers
      Every 8 months
      - Change all the ATI tube

      Live stocks – Corals
      To be honest I really don’t know most of my corals name except for those common ones like Rainbow stylo, Strawberry short cake, Green and Purple stags. These are the names I know. Normally I will buy corals by looking at their colors. If their corals strike my eyes then I will normally get it.

      Live Stocks - Fish:
      * Purple Tang
      * Blue Tang
      * Golden Midas
      * 5 x Blue eye anthias (1 male, 4 female)
      * 4 x Chromis

      Some personal Q & A questions 1. How long have you been reefing?
      1. How long have you been reefing?
      Ans: I have been reefing for about 8-9 months ago. 2. How did you get into this hobby?.
      2. How did you get into this hobby?
      Ans: Keeping a marine tank has always been my childhood dream but the cost and maintenance of it makes me think twice but once I get into my National Service I decided to give it a goal and *poof* here I am now.
      3. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy?
      Ans: I love both fish and coral because I believe in a reef tank i need these two to complete my “Dream Tank”
      4. Any dream fish or coral you wish to own one day ?
      Ans: I wish to convert my whole tank to mainly SSC but this will definitely be a heavy damage. My dream fish is Gem tang , Black tang and Achilles tang. One day/Hopefully I can keep all of them together.
      5. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment?
      Ans: My equipment are mainly from reefers that I bought from Sgreefclub. I always will look for those reliable and reputation equpiment. For example brands like: Vortech, ATI etc. I believe in spending more in good equipment than save a few dollars to get a lousy equipment because a good equipment will definitely benefit you in the long run. 6. What is your favorite past time
      6. What is your favorite past time
      Ans: Normally is just lying down my bed and enjoy my tank and going Local Fish Store with my sibling and girlfriend. 7. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby?
      7. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby?
      Ans: What I really get/feel after all my effort and money spent in this tank is remarkable. It’s just beyond words. I really love seeing my fishes and corals PE swimming and waving when I come home. It makes me feel so relax after a long day of work but my BIGGEST Satisfaction is my girlfriend (CFO) loves my tank too! HAHAHA
      8. Any advice for newbie in this hobby?
      Ans: PATIENCE and PATIENCE. You must really have the patience when setting up a marine tank. Read more members’ tank from Sgreefclub, understand their system, and understand what kind of problems you will encounter and how to solve it. There are a lot of systems in the market like Auqaforest, Zeovit, Fauna marin and Triton. All of these systems do create amazing tanks but don’t just blindly follow. I will always make time to head down reefers house to look at their tanks and also ask for their experience. Experience is what money can’t buy. Understand the basics and happy reefing!

      First and foremost, I really want to thank Leon (“SubzeroLT”) for my tank. Without his guidance and experience I won’t get what I’m getting now. Thank you for being so patience, answering all my nonsense questions. Another two important person to thank is my late mother and my Girlfriend. Without their support and contribution everything won’t even happen. I also want to thank “Reef Manic” they also played a big part for me to understand reefing. Last but not least, a Big Thank you to SGREEFCLUB moderator for nominating my tank and also created such a good website for newbie to learn reefing and for experts to sharing their reefing experience!
      “There are a lot of amazing tank around Singapore and I am not the best. Everyday I’m learning new things from reefers/gurus so never stop learning and Happy Reefing!!”
      More photo can be found on the Gallery album HERE
    • By Singapore Reef Club
      We are pleased to share with you guys this quarter TOTQ showcase - Tench1 magnificent SPS dominated reef tank. 

      Custom-made tank and sump based on my very own design;
       3 x 2.5 x 2.5 FT display tank with top/bottom euro bracing made up of crystal glass.
      Total volume including sump is approx. 500 Litres

      Tank specifications
      Salinity: 1.030
      Temperature: 25.5 to 26.5 degC
      Ph: Don’t measure
      Calcium - 400
      Alkalinity– 9.6dkh
      Magnesium –  1420

      Tank: Hardware
      Skimmer: MCE600       
      Mechanical filtration: Filter Wool / Filter Sock / Live Rocks / Biohomes
      Dosing pump: Jebao DP4
      Chiller: 1HP Compressor with dual dip in copper coil
      Biopellet / reactor: ROWA Reactor powered by Aquabee 2000 pump
      Chemical filtration:
      Main return pump: Jebao DC12000
      Wave maker: Jebao RW8 x 3, RW15 x 2
      Others Equipments : DE lighting RETROFIT x 8 tubes (4 sets of 2 tubes)


      Lighting period :
      -          11am to 11pm, 12 hrs (2 x ATI BLUE PLUS, 2 x ATI PURPLE PLUS)
      -          12pm to 7pm, 7 hrs (2 x ATI AQUABLUE SPECIAL, 2 x ATI BLUE PLUS)

      Addictive used
      -          Acropower, 1/2 cap full 4 times a week
      -          KentMarine Phytomax, 5 drops 4 times a week
      -          Oysterfeast, 10ml 3 times a week
      -          Iodine/Trace element, duplex, 10 drops per week

      Tank maintenance
      Once weekly with either 20Litres or 40Litres of Skimz Saltmix
      PUB tap water with a few drops of prime, used for Saltmix

      Live stocks – Corals
      Mainly SPS, with some LPS and NPS
      Not really good with names…

      Live Stocks - Fish:
      Current Fish list
      1. Black Widow Blenny aka Black Combtooth Blenny (Ecsenius namiyei) 
      2. Mystery Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus ocellatus) 
      3. Six Line Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) 
      4. Filamented Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus filamentosus) 
      5. Christmas Wrasse (Halichoeres claudia ) - Hawaii
      6. Platinum Clownfish x 2
      7. Vrolik's Wrasse, (Halichoeres chrysotaenia) - Maldives
      8. Yellow & Purple Wrasse (Halichoeres leucoxanthus)
      9. Yellow Tang
      10. Clown Tang

      Some personal Q & A questions

      1. How long have you been reefing?
      Ans: Ever since 2009

      2. How did you get into this hobby?
      Ans: Influenced by my dad’s FOWLER tank which had decomm
      3. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy?
      Ans: Coral Guy
      4. Any dream fish or coral you wish to own one day  ?
      Ans: Yellow Banana lokani
      5. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment?
      Ans: Price and reliability.

      6. What is your favorite past time
      Ans: Admiring the growth of the corals in my tank.

      7. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby?
      Ans: Growth of a coral from a small frag to mini-colony.
      8. Any advice for the newbie in this hobby?
      Ans: Take things slow. We are building a new environment from ground zero. Nature needs to be balanced slowly. I believe in using natural predators for pest and good husbandry check on newly bought corals. QT is a must for fishes. Avoid artificial chemical /dosing, as it solve the present problem will bring you a brand new one later.

      Video of My Reef Tank 
      More photos of his setup can be found on our facebook ;
    • By Singapore Reef Club
      Thanks to Conch Aqua for supporting us with the prizes. The next TOTQ winner will be able to receive two set of the ConchAqua RR4W Wave maker for free !  
      Want to get your tank spotted ? Start posting more pics under your own member tank thread now. 

    • By Singapore Reef Club
      Thanks to Conch Aqua for supporting us with the prizes. The next TOTQ winner will be able to be the first in Singapore to test and receive two set of the ConchAqua RR4W Wave maker for free !  
      Want to get your tank spotted ? Start posting more pics under your member tank thread now. 

    • By Harlequinmania
      This month, we are featuring our new winner for the Tank of the Quarter !! Mengyang_neo aka Gary has been awarded as the winner. Congratulation to gary for wining , and Kudos to him again for the passion and dedication toward this hobby !

      Title : My Dream Tank

      Brief Introduction of your history of setting up your tank

      It all started in 2007 when my bro in law decom and pass me his full set of 4x2x2.5ft tank and equipment, as it is a new hobby to me; I paid a lot of fee and earn it the hard way. Starting with a LPS tank, then when I enlisted, I changed it to a FOWLR. It is really very disappointing with so many failures that I decided maybe I should just decom or change a new tank and have a new start.

      I change to a 5x1.5x2ft tank, going full zoas with LPS and slowly into full SPS, the journey is fun and I know a lot of reefers and close friend in this fruitful journey. Starting of SPS is plain coincident as I am the lucky winner for Dr Cedric lucky draw and I get to try SPS FOC. From the few frag, I manage to hold the colour and start to get more and more SPS. Advice from Cedric and other SPS keeper are very helpfully and I get to keep SPS more successfully. With SPS getting more and more, manual dosing seems impossible and very troublesome. So I get a dosing pump and keeping the parameter constant becomes a lot easier.

      With all the success, I tried to go Full SPS with angels; I stock up too fast and end up crashing my tank, lost a lot of SPS. Lucky I do trade with other reefer so I get to get back some of my SPS. With all the up and down, I decided to once again get a new tank and do all the basic stuff and keeping everything consistence. Finally this year with a clear idea of what my tank is going to be, I change to my present tank – My Dream Tank


      Tank details and specification

      Main Tank size ; 5x2.4x1.6ft

      Sump tank size ; 4x1.8x1.5ft

      Types of Glass / thickness ; 12 mm crystal clear glass for 3 side of my main tank

      Total Water volume of system ; around 600 litres


      Tank system parameter

      Calcium - ca ; 400

      Alkaline - KH ; 8-8.5

      Magnesium – mg ; 1300

      Tank system profile ( Equipments list and lighting period )

      Skimmer - H&S Skimmer

      Return Pump - 2 x Eheim 1264

      Wavemaker - 2 x tunze 6095 ,and muilt controller 7096

      Chiller - Daikin compressor with coil drop in

      Lighting - 2 x 250w MH- 4hrs and 2 x 80w De-lighting Retrofit -9hrs

      Reactor - Dosing pump

      Addictive used

      I do use a dosing pump to dose Ca and Kh and change a pail of water every week. During water change, I will add zeovit Coralsnow and Zeozym, I will add coral vitalizer randomly into my tank when I remember.

      List of live stocks in your tank

      I am keeping full SPS with zoas and the following list of fishes

      Yellow tang
      Picasso clown pair
      Mystery Wrasse
      Yellow Wrasse
      4 Chromis

      Some personal Q & A questions

      1. Are you a fish guy or a Coral guy ?

      Ans ; I am a Coral guy

      2. What is your main concern when looking around for your reefing equipment

      Ans ; I will go for trusted German brand or brand that has good after sale support. This is very important for reefing as a lot of thing can go wrong.

      3. What is your favorite past time

      Ans ; Go LFS shopping and chit chat with my group of reefer friends.

      4. What is the satisfaction you got from this hobby ?

      Ans ; The satisfaction is having small achievement like a brown SPS colour up and to have a slide of ocean in your own living room.

      5. Any advice for newbie in this hobby ?

      Ans ; I feel reefing is not difficult with all the equipment available to help reefer, and there are a lot people sharing different method of keeping a successful tank. The problem is all the method mentioned take time, and when I said time, it is not 1-2 days; rather it is 2-3 weeks or maybe months. So be patient and you will be rewarded, consistent is the key. All the Best.

      Final Acknowledgement and thanks you note

      Firstly I will like to thanks my family member for their tolerance and understanding for my passion in this hobby. It really bonded the whole family together as it will be a common topic for the whole family, when thing happen to my tank, sometime they are more nervous than me. Lol

      Next will be my reef buddies cum close friends, whom shared sleepless night chiong shipment or early in the morning whatsapping reefing stuff, you know who you are. Cheer!!!!

      Last but not least, I want to thank SRC staff and the reefing community for having this platform so that, we reefer can learn and share our experiences.

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