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can we discuss about the sponsors here


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i came up with this topic becos of Coral's Ark's recent post on their stocks. i noticed that they are not knowlegable enough about their stocks eg bleached vs rare, nor do they really know the name of their stocks.

i feel that as a retailer, they should know their stuff well in order to project a better image and instill confidence in customers.

just my point of view, not that im an expert or anything. jus speaking from a user/consumer point of view.

Sure thing tidur.. like i said.. this is the good side of things.. i get to know where are my bad points.. for the rest of like my services Thank You ( its hard juggling studies and work phew...).. but i assure that my crew is working very hard to satsify as best we can.. Even as we speak i have ordered

Aquarium Corals by Eric H. Borneman,

2x Oceanograhic series -- invertebrates and corals by Julian Spring

Natural Reef Aquariums by John H.tullock

by Fed Exp from the States and it should be arriving in the next few days.. hope u be paitent w me for a while.

As for all my screws up so far.. i seek for forgiveness.. no excuses. Will try to buck up on this aspect..

In the meantime pls bear w me.

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Keong Seong... where exactly is that? if that is the case.. i might check it out.. but i think the order is on the way.. kino? i tried looking.. din see it.. but i try again..thanks bro appreciate it.. :D

get direct from Amazon or wait for often 15-20% discount coupons in magazine from Borders/Kino/Times..

Good to see you are getting books to improve.. hope u read them whenever u can squeeze time from your studies.. ;)

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