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Sps in a 1.5ft cube

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Is it possible to keep sps corals in a jbj 24g tank?

Yes it is possible , with dedicated and very good husbandry.

I have a sump with a skimmer that's 5 times larger than recommended.

That is very good , oversized skimmer is always good.

Also any one knows how to use biopellets and what rmare the benefits

Biopallets are used in a reactor that will pass water n tumble them preventing them from clumping. They provide carbon element which will promote growth of nitrate reducing bacteria.

Stairway to Heaven

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If you are talking bout np reducing biopellets. It is normally use in a filter canister and it acts as a platform for aerobic bacteria to grow that will reduce your nitrate and phosphate

Dun think normal np biopellets, can reduce phosphates. Might have to get the all in one biopellets for that. Or run a separate reactor with Rowaphos or ultraphos

Clem's Clam Corner (Decommed)

60cm x 40cm x 30cm Tank

Nano tank reboot v2.0

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