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Unable to read hydrometer


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I'm in the midst of cycling of my tank. One of the uncle at c328 recommend mi a deep six hydrometer , but i am unable to get a reading on it. i mixed the salt with the decholrinated water , 1/2 cup of salt per gallon of water. My tank is a 3 ft = 56 gallon tank. i mixed most of my salt actually , n i'm still unable to get the level to go up to 1.021..

Any one can help?

newbie here

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You tank actual capacity is usually less than the dimensions due to glass thickness and water level of display tank not forgetting any sand or rocks you might have. As mentioned above, you also have to consider the sump or canister filters etc.

Hydrometer is not so accurate, invest in a refractometer for long term. For hydrometer, apply according to instructions. Also check for trapped bubbles in the indicator.

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My deep 6 hydroneter measure 0.0015 higher than my refractoneter.

If it shows 1.027 , it is actually 1.0255.

Very constant reading if u use it properly. Gently allows the water to ebter the hydroneter , and makesure no air bubbles is trapped at the swing arm.

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Just got a refractometer , and its easy to use uh.Didnt find anything hard actually. As per my guess , the hydrometer is indeed busted as the refractometer read the salinity correctly.


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