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Weekly Shipment Updates 27 Oct - 02 Nov

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Aquarist Chamber Shipment just landed. SPS/LPS/fish. Details will be uploaded in our subforum when we are done unpacking. Sales expected to start at 7:30pm tonight.

Aquarist Chamber Pte Ltd

Address: 787A Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534655 (beside Hillside Drive along Upper Serangoon Road next to Greenland Vegetarian Restaurant)

Getting here: Bus - 80, 81, 82, 101, 107, 107M, 136, 153 (nearest bus stop will be opposite or along Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre)
Email: sales@aquarist-chamber.com

Telephone: +65 66356041

Website: www.Aquarist-Chamber.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/AquaristChamber/

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AM Tonight 9pm shipment
Any details of the shipment ?

Main Tank: 93 Gallon Cube Tank
Skimmer: Deltec SC 1455, Skimz Mini SN143
Chiller: Arctica DBA-075
Lightings: AI Hydra 52 x 02
Wavemaker: Vortech mp-40 x 02, Tunze 6020
Dosing Pump: Jebao with Grotech ABC,123 & Mag
Return Pump: Deltec H20cean 5000
Reactor: Biopellets with FR & Deltec H20cean 2000

FR: Skimz BR80

Supplements: Seachem Reef Builder, Seachem Calcium, Seachem Magnesium, Seachem Kalkwassar, Seachem Iodine

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Anyone see kole tang in lfs?

There are 2 pieces at coralfarm... 5inch and 7inch respectively

Buy fish that excite YOU, and respect others' passions.

Yes, we know, there's a cheaper and prettier fish than the one were talking about. - John Coppolino

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Yes, they are type of sealugs... not an easy creature as a whole, as many of them have very strict diets and some of them only eats certain types of sponges... most dont fare well in aquarium as they usually starve after depleting their food source in the tank. I did read certain species will actually secrete toxins after they die. do some research before obtaining one.

Ohhhh, I almost wanted to buy one... Tks fr the info

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LF medium sized Yellow Tang.

Reefing since 2003
 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Mixed Reef (BB):-
50 Gal Sump,

Apex Controlled System (Lab grade),
Deltec SC1455 Protein Skimmer,
Vortech MP40wQD,

Jebao RW-15

Maxspect Razor 320w
Eheim 1260 Return Pump,
Hailea HS-66A 1/4HP chiller,
TLF Reactor 150, running HydroCarbon 


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