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Skimmer or refugium?

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IMHO, Skimmer and refugium are two different items and doing two different kinds of job. In that case why are we comparing both of them together?

Shadow Walkers's 4 ft Shallow Reef Chronicles

4 Ft - 120.35.35

3 Ft Sump

Skimmer: Bubble Magus NAC7

Chiller: Hailea 1/4 HS66A

Lights: T5 4 tubes ATI + Maxspect Glaive Led

Refugium with Liverocks and Cheato and lots of pods

Refugium light: Par38 Full spectrum

Return pump: Hailea HX6540..stupid pump so noisy

Wavemaker: Maxspect Gyre 130

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As all the above experts mentioned.. if me given an option to choose 1, definitely skimmer unless your refugium is really really huge to function as an excellent means of nutrient export. But then again if your skimmer suddenly down or stop working, u must have a backup or get it replaced as soon as possible. So its good to invest in a good skimmer that can handle the bioloads.

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Hope this pic can help. It's a dc pump. One of the cheaper skimz skimmers

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Bro... Thanks for sharing, it is used for wat tank size? 2ft? And.. Can i know the length of ur sump tank? Thanks alot.
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