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What salt do you guys use?

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Hey guys,

I just converted from mixed reef to fowlr and thought of changing salt to a less expensive one since now I don't need to meet the high demands of sps and lps. Just wanted to find out what brand of salt do you guys use for your fowlr tanks?


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oh wow that sounds good! how often do you have to do a water change? And mind telling me the price range? Thanks!
about 7 red notes. my tank is big about 230gal for dt only. i only do 20% water change evry 2 weeks.
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Red Sea for me since i only run Fish only tank on my 75 gal now.

Reefing since 2003
 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Mixed Reef (BB):-
50 Gal Sump,

Apex Controlled System (Lab grade),
Deltec SC1455 Protein Skimmer,
Vortech MP40wQD,

Jebao RW-15

Maxspect Razor 320w
Eheim 1260 Return Pump,
Hailea HS-66A 1/4HP chiller,
TLF Reactor 150, running HydroCarbon 


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Titus go for the blue bucket Redsea salt.. Pretty good some good successful fowlr tanks are using that or IO good enough

300Gallons of Pure Goodness! >Dimensions 6x2x2 (Foot)

1: Maxspect 160 Watt qty-2

2: Vortech MP 40 Wes

3:Jaebao WP40 qty-2

3: Skimz Becket Skimmer/ Ehiem 1260

4: Dymax XC 900 Calcium Reactor

5: American Pinpoint PH Controller

6: Iwaki MD 55 And MD 70 (Return)

7: Hydra Aquatics FR45 Reactor

8:Hailea 10HP Chiller

R2R forum->>>http://www.reef2reef.com/forums/photography-forum/154896-ashwins-reefing-photography.html

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