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How to make yellow tang feed


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Try live food 1st, like brine shrimp, mysis & pods. You can try LCK201 for live pods & mysis. After that slowly move to frozen food & algae.

Cheers and Happy Reefing..


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Cheers and Happy Reefing....

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try red bamboo i have a blonde naso who didnt eat anything but after i introduce red bamboo he eats everything now even pellet. if still wont work try dried seaweed again but this time deep it in garlic solution.

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Just got mine about two weeks back. Initially only focused on nibbing algae and stuff off the rocks, wasnt interested in the seaweed i out on the clip. But soon after most of the algae on the rocks are depleted it started on the seaweed. It only started eating frozen food after observing my other fish eat frozen food. Guess it takes time, naturally they will understand that the seaweed you out inside is food

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