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WTG Orange Butterfly

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Would like to give away Orange butterfly ~2.5inch (9months with me) collection at woodlands.

On and off, its having white spot on its fin. Hope someone who is expert on curing white spot to hav it.

Pls pm me to deal.

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    • By Danialavr
      WTG Fire Urchin
      Getting too big for my refugium.
      Size is about 10cm from end to end of spine.
      Feeding pellets and stray chaeto.
      Pm me if interested, collection sengkang.

    • By nicken
      Blue Tip Pinkish green body Frag $8

      Green Tip Fire Forest Colony $30
      about palm size 
      Green Tip Fire Forest Frag $8

      Yellowish Green luminous Pocci $10/ Frag
      Encrusted on frag plug .
      5 Frags to go. 

    • By Tee
      Hi all, have last few to clear, all with amazing colouration @ only $40 pics in white and blue light! PLEASE WHATSAPP ME@ 92971884 if you're keen(I hate fb msger), collection is at 579727! FCFS! 
      And as always WYS/WYG! Rough size gauge would b, smallest Yuma in all 3 bundles roughly 20c coin. If u want other Colours added in, just $10 ea  Thanks!

    • By Shamsul
      WTG 4 inch Clown Tang, been with me for more than 1+ year.. no ich.....
      Giving away to reduce Bio Load and planning to add new fishes.
      IMP: Fish needs to be collected by tonight, its already caught and in my sump, don't want to stress it...
      Collection at Edelweiss Park, Flora Road.
      PM your number, I will contact you.
      Thank you.
    • By Shamsul
      Not sure whether this can be posted here.
      My friends wants to let go his fresh water fish tank, with few gold fishes included.
      Tank size 3x1.5x1.5 
      Items Included:
      1. Fish Tank (don't have cabinet)
      2. Gold Fishes
      3. OHF Filter
      4. Pebbles and plants inside the tank
      LED light not available as it just spoiled today.
      Contact him at 9753 4649 (sms/whatsapp)

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