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I think you posted at the wrong section. This section is about tank specification, setup details and tank photos. You may want to contact an admin to help you move your thread to the LPS Coral discussion/showcase forum.

i posted this using my macbook and i didn't ask me to choose a section for my post. sorry about that bro

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I like of duncan corals and i have seen many beautiful duncans before. Share your beautiful duncans here!

Let me start off with a picture of my own duncan colony!

Brought from Henry@ML with 13 polyps. Nearly 20polyps now!

Nice bro!

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what happens if duncans close up for quite some time .pls advice

Too much flow? Fluctuating perimeters? Shrimp or fish pestering it? Temperature not right? Many reasons why duncan never open but for duncan to open very big ur water must be just nice. I suggest doing a water change first and observe for the next few days. Or u can blast some mysis water outside it. Sometimes the duncan sense the food will open up because hungry
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