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AquaPharm DC Protein Skimmer...anyone using it?

I'm looking for smallest version, AP600 or Skimz mini SN123 for my upcoming 200L tank but have not decided which brand yet. I have googled AP600 but no user review in the web sia... :(, If you are currently running AP600, please share :bow: .


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      Looking for a used Jebao DCS2000 in good condition.
      Kindly WA 81886690 if u have one to offer.
    • By jaspersebastianong
      Hi guys,

      I can't seem to find it here.

      Anyone can help?
      Where in Singapore can I find DIN PN16 pipes.
      My ap600 uses this as return. But I can't seem to find!

      Really appreciate all your help guys!

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