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WTS Reef Octopus Return Pump 10500 L/H, Caribsea Aragonite live sand

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Dear all, want to sell a Reef Octopus Diablo DC return pump, (2 years warranty), 10500 L/H with 6-speed controller, bought from Ah Beng On 15/12/2013 and still have receipt with me, still have about 10 months warranty. Selling at $120 (Nego).

One and a half DD salt's pails of Caribsea Aragonite Live sand (Fine), estimate weight of 30KG or more, can easily fill up a 3ft tank, selling at $50, interest parties, please PM me with your contact number, thanks.

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    • By Ranz
      can't find my previous post, so posting again 
      1. reef octopus ato - $20
      2. led lights - 1.5 feet - $20
      3. vertex 1.5L reactor - $40
      4. reef octopus water blaster return pump 12600 - $150
      5. hanna checker Alkalinity (ppm) version - $40
      interested - WhatsApp 83284194
      collection at Tg Rhu

    • By supeter111
      Wts used skimz DC return pump 3000l/h Hmax 2.7m $45 interested pls SMS 96633566 . Thanks 

    • By andrwsaurus
      Decommissioning my 5ft tank! Quality items in great condition.
      - Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer Curve 7 ( 3  mnths old ) | Skims like a champ | $200 
      -  4Ft Maxspect r420r 300w | Cond 8/10 due to stubborn stand rail. The stand can still be adjusted with a bit of pushing | $300
      - Live and dead rocks; mix of large, medium and small pieces. Able to fill up at 5ft tank with plenty of excesses. At least 6 salt bucket worth of rocks. | $100
      - Live Sand; Mix of Caribsea Bahamas oolite & Special grade reef sand. Approximately 45kg of it but have not measured. Fills a 5ft to an even 1inch depth | $100
      -  Live sand + Live/dead rocks  | $160
      - Refractometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $20 
      - Instant Ocean Hydrometer | Well taken care of, cleaned with fresh water after every use | $10 
      * Free Bucket worth of coral chips with any purchase above $100 * 
      * Delivery to your location at my convenience for purchases above $160 *
      Pm me or please whatsapp me at 9653 8710 if you are interested. Thanks! 
    • By yongshun
      Hi all, selling the following:
      Red dragon RD6500 pump - $200
      Flow rate: 6500l/hr
      Watt: 65w
      One of the most silent n reliable return pump. 
      Viewing/collection at compassvale st, sengkang.
      Can whatsapp me at 91856098.
      Gum xia many many.
    • By chongk
      Wanted to hold off this until I cleared my fishes, but it is a challenge to catch the fishes with all the rock in the tank, so here goes ...
      Live Rocks (roughly 20 pieces in total, around 6 are relatively large - enough to fit a 5 x 1.5 x 2 tank) @ $150
      Live Sand (around 1 - 1.5 inch depth for same tank dimension) @ $50

      Live Rocks may be harvested immediately (please supply own pails - you will probably need around 3 of the salt mix pails).
      Live Sand once livestock is cleared only.
      Please whatsapp 91682887 to deal.
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