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i need help for my chiller


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No gas, fan spoilt or thermostat spoilt

Tank : 4 X 2 X 2 with low iron front panel and external overflow

Skimmer : BK SM200 with waste collector

Return Pumps : Red Dragon 6m3 and Ehiem 1262

FR : 2 X Deltec 509 & powered by AB2000

Nitrate Filter : Deltec NF 509 and tee off from AB2000

Calcium R'tor : Deltec PF 501 with RM secondary chamber

Kalkwasser R'tor : Deltec KM500

Chiller : Pansonic 1 HP Compressor with 20m titanium Coil

Wave Makers : 4 X Tunze 6055 with 7096 & Vortec MP40w

Controller : GHL Profilux

Lighting : ATI Powermodule 10 or 8 tubes

Water Top-up : Water Top-Up tank powered by Tunze Osmolator

External Monitor : American Pinpoint pH and Temp. Monitor for main tank and GHL Profilux Controller to measure temp, pH, Redox

Ozonizer : Sander C50

UV : Corallife 6x

Algae Scrubbler

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Depending on the chiller brand, they may not have ports for topping up. May need to "open" a hole manually. Is the compressor starting? Could also be the starter fail to start the compressor.

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Its not making the water cild anymore? Any idea wat is the cause?

If not cooling, any thermostat kick in? If the kick in more often check any choking on feeder pump also the flow at output. Also try clean the front cover clear of the dust. Cheers


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It's better let the qualified technician for the troubleshooting. Even you know where the problem, it was quite difficult to repair without needed component & tools. Let them check and quote you for the repairing to justified whether to buy new one. If your fan working and yet not cold, most likely compressor issue or leaking.

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