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    • By Mr. Tay
      Looking for Cleaner Shrimps and Sexy Shrimps.
      Contact me at 9430 8993 if you have to release.
    • By Iwarna
      Our shipment from Sulawesi has came, do come down to Iwarna to look around!
      Strawberry hermit crab (Coenobita perlatus) Orange and yellow rabbit snails (Tylomelania zemis) Horned nerite snails (Clithon corona) Red line shrimp (Caridina Striata) Tigri shrimp (Caridina tigri) White spot shrimp (Caridina Dennerli) Celebes beauty shrimp (Caridina spongicola) Celebes rice fish (Oryzias celebensis) Celebes yellow goby (Mugilogobius rexi) Panther crab (Parathelphusa pantherina) Purple matano crab (Syntripsa matannensis) Tiger moray eel (Gymnothorax polyuranodon)

    • By Vololo
      WTG Coral Banded Shrimp and Yellow Belly Damsel very healthy no/ich or parasites in tank. these 2 are aggressive with other fish i just bought which are slow swimmers. very fat and healthy damsel, and the coral bandit shrimp is very healthy as well.
      These 2 were not aggressive with my fishes i had in the tank only the new ones .

    • By Anchorman
      Hello folks,
      I am looking for new home for my following fishes. They are with me more than a year, hardy, stable and easy to keep on frozen fish food and dry flakes.
      1. Yellow Tang 2.5"
      2. Royal Gamma 2 "
      3. Blue eyes Anthiaius 2.5" Male
      4. Pistol Shrimp 1 "
      Condition to give away is the interested party must take all the live stocks together. Collection is at yew tee area by appointment only. Please pm me with contact no and on FCFS basis.
    • By alexcyf
      Hi SRC reefers! This is my 3rd attempt at harvesting my clown fish fries. Din worked out very well the first couple of times but I've learnt much from my mistakes. Here's a video of my previous fry feeding on baby brine shrimps. 
      Currently, I still have a 3 month fry still surviving and feeding on pellets. 

      Hopefully this attempt, I will be able to increase the survival rate! I will be documenting this attempt's journey on SRC.  Firstly, to record down this exciting journey and consolidate everything I had in a thread and also, to seek advice!! Do feel free to give me any suggestions and feedback to help me improve the survival rate!
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