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Decor Tank


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Hi All,

Here are the info of my decor tank = 4x2x2.5


1. <> 60kg of Coral Farm Live Rocks $750 (total about 5-6 big pieces that can build your castle) 

2. Maxspect R420R LED Lighting 160w 16K (14mths) - $600

3. Daikin 1HP Chiller (7mths) - $1100 (Removable and setup by buyer, easy to install)

4. Sump tank that have refrigium - $200



1. Teco RA680 - $200 (working and can chill a 4x2x2)

2. Skimz Skimmer (for 1000L) - $200 (need to fix some part of the Pump, not a big issue)

3. Lots of Sea Salt (D&D brand)

4. Test Kits

5. Calcium, Strodium, etc

6. Salt water measuring kits

7. ETC


If someone can buy everything (tank, light, chiller, rocks, salt, test kits, etc),my offer is $1600 (arrange your own transport)


Note 1: 50% Deposit upon confirmation

Note 2: If no offer onone bulk purchased, i will open the sales for individual sales. 


Pls PM me, if you are interested :)



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Main Tank and Sump w 3 compartment and a external Water refill tank (can use a small pump to top up water w a sensor).  The MAXSPECT LED LIGHT that can give life to the 4ft tank.....it can go as deep as 2.5ft





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