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Anemone splitting


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Yeah easy to control due to the small size and can rehome when there's too many . Perfect for your tank bro, won't grow too big and start stinging your other precious corals. If only mine was splitting type, unfortunately mine just keeps growing bigger and bigger... Haha

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Hmmm, mine has two mouths, was expecting it to split, but after a month, haven't seen any progress , anyone know why?



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Try feeding them more. Aside from good water quality, apparently 'over feeding' them tends to encourage splitting.

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On 12/2/2015 at 11:51 PM, christan1959 said:

Guys something really weird happened - the anemone rejoined to become one again! ! Has anyone seen this before??


Hmm...   not know of...   

But I got 2 bubble corals join and become one. Both born from same parent.

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