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Weekly Update - 15th to 21st Feb 2016

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Red scooter, usual clowns, Emperor, Blue face, Coral Beauty, Blue Tangs, etc I cannot remember liao

Bought a coral beauty and a flame angel from coral farm yesterday. Hope by introducing them together, there will be less aggression. There were a lot of coral beauties and 3 flame angels left wh

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Bought a coral beauty and a flame angel from coral farm yesterday.

Hope by introducing them together, there will be less aggression.

There were a lot of coral beauties and 3 flame angels left when I departed.

My display pic is showing the 2 gorgeous fish u bought yesterday.

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Bali Shipment (18/02/2016)

Common Name Scientific Name

Flagfin Angelfish M Apolemichthys Trimaculatus

Bicolor Angelfish M Centropyge Bicolor

Blue Pygmy Angelfish Centropyge Flavicauda

Melas Angelfish Centropyge Tibicen

Half Black Angelfish Centropyge Vroliki

Singapore Angelfish MS Chaetodontoplus Mesoleucus

Majestic Angelfish M Euxiphipops Navarcus

Majestic Angelfish S Euxiphipops Navarcus

Six Bar Angelfish juv L/M Euxiphipops Sextriatus

Blue Face Angelfish M Euxiphipops Xanthometapon

Blue Face Angelfish juv S Euxiphipops Xanthometapon

Bellus Lyretail Angelfish fem. Genicanthus Bellus

Bellus Lyretail Angelfish male Genicanthus Bellus

Stripe Swallow Angelfish M Genicanthus Lamarck

Stripe Swallow Angelfish S Genicanthus Lamarck

Emperor Angelfish L Pomacanthus Imperator

Emperor Angelfish M Pomacanthus Imperator

Blue Koran Angelfish juv S Pomacanthus Semicirculatus

Blue Koran Angelfish juv T Pomacanthus Semicirculatus

Regal Angelfish L/M Pygoplites Diacanthus

Sargasum Anglerfish Histrio Histrio

Orbiculate Batfish L/M Platax Orbicularis

Orbiculate Batfish S Platax Orbicularis

Long Finned Batfish L/M Platax Pinnatus

Long Finned Batfish S Platax Pinnatus

Round Faced Batfish L/M Platax Teira

Round Faced Batfish S Platax Teira

Threadfin Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Auriga

Bennet's Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Benneti

Citron Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Citrinellis

Saddle Back Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Ehippium

Sumatra Sickle Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Falcula

Klein's Butterflyfish L Chaetodon Kleini

Klein's Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Kleini

Raccon Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Lunula

Black Back Butterflyfish L Chaetodon Melannotus

Raffles Butterflyfish L/M Chaetodon Rafflesi

Raffles Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Rafflesi

Copperband Butterflyfish L Chaetodon Rostratus

Copperband Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Rostratus

Copperband Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Rostratus

Bannerfish L/XL Heniochus Acuminatus

Bannerfish L/M Heniochus Acuminatus

Humphead Bannerfish S Heniochus Varius

Moorish Idol L Zanclus Canescens

Clark's Anemonefish Amphiprion Clarkii

Clown Anemonefish Amphiprion Ocellaris

Platinum Percula Clown Amphiprion Percula

True Percula Clown Amphiprion Percula

False Skunk Clown Amphiprion Peridaraion

Orange Skunk Clown Amphiprion Sandracinos

Sebae's Anemonefish Amphiprion Sebae

Maroon Clown M Premnas Bioceleatus

Staghorn Damselfish Amblyglyphidodon ternatensis

Lined Puller Chromis Lineata

Bicolor Chromis Chromis Bicolor

Green Chromis M Chromis Viridis

Kupang Yellowtail Damsel Chrysiptera hemicyanea

Yellow Tail Damsel Chrysiptera Parasema

Talbot's Damsel Chrysiptera Talboti

Four Stripe Damsel Dascylus Melanurus

Honey Breast Damsel Dascylus Prosopotaenia

Black Damsel juvenile Paraglyphidodon Melas

Bluestreak Devil Paraglyphidodon Oxyodon

Orange Damsel juvenile Paraglyphidodon crossi

Yellow Bellied Damsel Pomacentrus Coelestis

Two Colored Blenny (Red Tail) Ecsenius Bicolor

Two Colored Blenny (Brown) Ecsenius Bicolor

Forktail Blenny Meiacanthus Atrodorsalis

Grammistes Blenny Meiacanthus Grammistes

Smith's Blenny Meiacanthus Smithii

Yasha Blenny Stonogobyops species

Banded Blenny Salarias Fasciatus

Orange Spoted Goby Amblyeleotris Guttata

Orange Stripe Prawn Goby Amblyeleotris Randali

Steinitz's Shrimp Goby Amblyeleotris Steinitzi

Wheeler's Prawn Goby Amblyeleotris Wheeleri

Hector's Goby Amblygobius Hectori

Banded Goby Amblygobius Phalaena

Rainford's Goby Amblygobius Rainfordi

Pinkbar Goby Cryptocentrus Aurora

Green Clown Goby Gobiodon histrio

Red Clown Goby Gobiodon histrio

Assorted Clown Goby Gobiodon species

Neon Goby Gobiosoma Oceanops

Red Jawfish Opsitognathus species

Pale Gudgeon Ptereleotris Heteropterus

Two Spot Goby Signigobius Biocellatus

Black Strip Goby & Shrimp S. Nematodes & Alpheus N.

Orange Spoted Prawn Goby Valencienna Puellaris

Ladder Glider Valencienna Sexgutata

Golden Heads Goby Valencienna Strigata

Fingered dragonet Dactylopus dactylopus

Green Mandarin Synchiropus Splendidus

Spoted Mandarin Synchiropus Picturatus

Scooter Mandarin Synchiropus ocellatus

Snowflake Muray Echidna Nebulosa

Black Ribbon Eel Rhimnomuraena Quaesita

White Ribbon Eel Rhimnomuraena Quaesita

Red Sea Lyre Tail Anthias Male Pseudanthias Squampinnis

Red Sea Lyre Tail Anthias Female Pseudanthias Squampinnis

Sea Goldie Pseudanthias Hutchii

Pink Anthias Pseudanthias hypselosoma

Blotched Seaperch Odontanthias borbonious

Whitetail Dottyback Pseudochromis polynemis

Lyretail Dottyback Pseudochromis moorei

Dwarf Lionfish Dendrochirus Zebra

Peacock Lionfish L Pterois Miles

Peacock Lionfish M Pterois Miles

Leaf Scorpionfish Taenionotus triacanthus

Phanter Grouper L/M Chromileptis Altivelis

Cultured Phanter Grouper 3" Chromileptis Altivelis

Spoted Grunt S Plectorhinchus Chaetodonides

Stripe Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Diagrammus

Oriental Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Orientalis

Painted Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Pictus

Longspin Cardinalfish Apogon Leptacenthus

Red-spot Cardinalfish Apogon parvulus

Banggai Cardinalfish L/M Pterapogon Kaudernii

Zebra Flounder Fish Zebrias zebra

Fox Face M Lo Vulpinus

White-Spotted Rabbitfish L/M Siganus canaliculatus

Golden-lined Rabbitfish L/M Siganus lineatus

Marbled Cat Shark M Atelomycterus Marmoratus

Short Nose Puffer Arothron Hispidus

Blue Spotted Sharp Puffer Canthigaster Epilamprus

False Eye Toby Canthigaster Solandri

Valentini Puffer Canthigaster Valentini

Long Horn Cowfish L/M Lactoria Cornuta

Long Horn Cowfish S Lactoria Cornuta

Spoted Boxfish Ostracion Meleagris

Solor Boxfish Ostracion Solorensis

Powder Blue Tang L Acanthurus Leucosternon

Brown Surgeonfish Acanthurus Nigrofuscus

Eye-spot Surgeon M Acanthurus Bariene

Sumatra Indian Mimic Surgeon Acanthurus tristis

Horse-shoe Surgeon M Acanthurus fowleri

Spotted Unicornfish juv M Naso Brevirostris

Lipstic Tang L Naso Lituratus

Yellow Lipstic Tang (var) M Naso Lituratus

Vlaming's Unicornfish M Naso vlamingii

Unicorn Tang L Naso Unicornis

Unicorn Tang Naso Unicornis

Blue Tang MS Paracanthurus Hepatus

Blue Tang T Paracanthurus Hepatus

Humpback Unicornfish M Naso Brachycentron

Desjardin's Sailfin Tang M Zebrasoma desjardinii

Brown Sailfin Tang L/XL Zebrasoma Scopas

Brown Sailfin Tang M Zebrasoma Scopas

Brown Sailfin Tang S Zebrasoma Scopas

Green Filefish Monacanthus chinensis

Prickly Leather Jacket L Chaetodermis Penicilligerus

Prickly Leather Jacket M Chaetodermis Penicilligerus

Prickly Leather Jacket S Chaetodermis Penicilligerus

Australian Banded Pipefish Coryhoidis Intestinalis

Banded Pipefish Doryrhamphus Dactyliophorus

Blue Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Cyanopleura

Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Lubbocki

Green-fin Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Flavidorsalis

Pacific Exquisite Wrasse Cirrhilabrus exquisites

Yellow Tail Cleaner Wrasse Diproctacanthus Xanthurus

Green Bird Wrasse male Gomphosus Varius

Chocolate Bird Wrasse fem. Gomphosus Varius

Green Wrasse Halichoeres Chloropterus

Yellow Coris Halichoeres Chrysus

Basket Wrasse Halichoeres Hortulanus

Half & Half Thicklips Hemigymnus Melapterus

Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse Labroides Dimidiatus

Ornate Wrasse Macropharyngodon Ornatus

Dragon Wrasse Navaculichthys Taeniourus

Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse Paracheilinus carpenteri

Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia

Black-hat Slender Wrasse male Pseudojuloides Severnsi

Rainbow Wrasse male Thalassoma Amblycephalum

Jansen's Wrasse Thalassoma Jansenii

Bicolor Parrotfish Cetoscarus Bicolor

Diana Hogfish Bodianus Diana

Eclipse Hogfish Bodianus Mesothorax

Falco Hawkfish Cirrhitichthys Falco

Geometric Pygmy Hawk Plectranthias inermis

Bursa Triggerfish Rhinecanthus Verrucosus

Red Majestic Shrimp Enoplometapus Occidentallis

Harlequeen Shrimp T Hymenocera Picta

Skunk Shrimp M Lysmata Grabhami

Anemone Shrimp Periclimenes Brevicapalis

Emperor Shrimp (Red) Periclimenes Imperator

Banded Shrimp Stenopus Hispidus

Ambonian Shrimp Thor Amboinensis

Decorator Crab Camposcia retusa

Blue Knucle Hermit Crabs Calcinus elegans

Anemone Crab Neopetrolisthes Ohshimai

Colour Sea Slug Hypselodoris apolegma

Spanish Dancer Hexabranchus Sanguinus

Warty Sea slug Phyllidia species

Blue Velvet Slug Chelidonura varians

Sea Hare S Dolabrifera dolabrifera

Sea Hare M Dolabrifera dolabrifera

Shaggy Seahare Bursatella leachii

Red Star Linckia laevigata

Biscuit Star Tosia sp.

White Sand Star Archaster typicus

Pin Cushion Urchin Tripnieustes gratilla

Pink Anemone Condylactis Passifora

Red Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor

Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor

Beaded Tentacles Anemone Heteractis aurora

Long Tentacle Anemone Macrodactyla doreensis

Yellow Anemone Condylactis Passifora

Green Carpet Anemone Stichodadtyla gigantea

Common Carpet Anemone Stichodadtyla gigantea

Strip Carpet Anemone Stichodadtyla haddoni



There's nothing to see here. 

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Pacific Reef Singapore




































There's nothing to see here. 

But do check out my articles! https://www.sgreefclub.com/home/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/floratiaracoral/

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