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Weekly Update - 06th to 12th Jun 2016

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Fish shipment tomorrow 1pm.

Conspiculatus angelfish, Interruptus angelfish, Sacura anthias male, Japan green toadstool leather.

Do refer to our Facebook Page : Iwarna Aquafarm

Pictures are uploaded there for new shipments. Thank you.


*We have strict reservation policies for livestock, please refer to our sponsor forum for more information.

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Pacific Reef Bali Shipment (09/06/2016)

Common Name Scientific Name
Pottery Angelfish Centropyge Eibli
Banded Angelfish Centropyge Multifasciatus
Melas Angelfish Centropyge Tibicen
Half Black Angelfish Centropyge Vroliki
Majestic Angelfish M Euxiphipops Navarcus
Majestic Angelfish S Euxiphipops Navarcus
Blue Face Angelfish L Euxiphipops Xanthometapon
Blue Face Angelfish M Euxiphipops Xanthometapon
Blue Face Angelfish juv S Euxiphipops Xanthometapon
Blue Koran Angelfish juv M Pomacanthus Semicirculatus
Warty Anglerfish L/M Antennarius Maculatus
Batavian Batfish L/M Platax Batavianus
Orbiculate Batfish S Platax Orbicularis
Long Finned Batfish L/M Platax Pinnatus
Round Faced Batfish S Platax Teira
Tank-raised Long Finned Batfish S Platax Pinnatus
Threadfin Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Auriga
Threadfin Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Auriga
Sumatra Sickle Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Falcula
Klein's Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Kleini
Raccon Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Lunula
Raffles Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Rafflesi
Copperband Butterflyfish L Chaetodon Rostratus
Copperband Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Rostratus
Copperband Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Rostratus
Mirror Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Speculum
Double Saddle Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Ulietensis
Vagabond Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Vagabundus
Long Nose Butterflyfish Forcipiger Flavissimus
Bannerfish L/M Heniochus Acuminatus
Bannerfish S Heniochus Acuminatus
Moorish Idol L Zanclus Canescens
Moorish Idol Zanclus Canescens
Clark's Anemonefish  Amphiprion Clarkii
Clown Anemonefish  Amphiprion Ocellaris
Black Phantom Percula Clown Amphiprion Percula
True Percula Clown Amphiprion Percula
Golden Damsel Amblyglyphidodon Aureus
Green Chromis M Chromis Viridis
Blue Damsel Chryspitera Cyanea
Kupang Yellowtail Damsel Chrysiptera hemicyanea
Yellow Tail Damsel Chrysiptera Parasema
Talbot's Damsel Chrysiptera Talboti
Four Stripe Damsel Dascylus Melanurus
Black Damsel juvenile Paraglyphidodon Melas
Black Mouth Damsel juvenile Paraglyphidodon Nigroris
Bluestreak Devil Paraglyphidodon Oxyodon
Forktail Blenny Meiacanthus Atrodorsalis
Yasha Blenny Stonogobyops yasha
Banded Blenny Salarias Fasciatus
Hector's Goby Amblygobius Hectori
Rainford's Goby Amblygobius Rainfordi
Pinkbar Goby Cryptocentrus Aurora
Yellow Clown Goby Gobiodon Okinawae
Tangora Shrimp Goby Ctenogobiops Tangaroai
Two Spot Goby Signigobius Biocellatus
Black Stripe Shrimp Goby Stonogobiops Nematodes
Orange Spoted Prawn Goby Valencienna Puellaris
Fingered dragonet Dactylopus dactylopus
Scooter Mandarin Synchiropus ocellatus
Red Sea Madder Seaperch Mirolabrichthys Dispar
Sea Goldie Pseudanthias Hutchii
Lyre Tail Anthias female Pseudanthias Squampinnis
Pink Anthias Pseudanthias hypselosoma
Royal Dottyback Pseudochromis Paccagnellae
Whitetail Dottyback Pseudochromis polynemis
Dwarf Lionfish Dendrochirus Zebra
Peacock Lionfish M Pterois Miles
Leaf Scorpionfish Taenianotus triacanthus
Spoted Grunt L/M Plectorhinchus Chaetodonides
Spoted Grunt S Plectorhinchus Chaetodonides
Oriental Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Orientalis
Painted Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Pictus
Banggai Cardinalfish L/M Pterapogon Kaudernii
Indian Threadfin Alectis Indicus
Flounder Fish Bhotus species
Cling Fish Diademichthys Lineatus
Fox Face L Lo Vulpinus
Fox Face M Lo Vulpinus
Fox Face S Lo Vulpinus
Barred Squirrel Fish Sargocentron species
Spotted Rabbitfish M Siganus punctatus
Coral Rabbitfish M Siganus Corallinus
False Eye Toby Canthigaster Solandri
Valentini Puffer Canthigaster Valentini
Long Horn Cowfish L/M Lactoria Cornuta
Long Horn Cowfish S Lactoria Cornuta
Tailring Surgeonfish M Acanthurus Blochii
Brown Surgeonfish Acanthurus Nigrofuscus
Orange Surgeonfish S Acanthurus Olivaceus
Horse-shoe Surgeon L Acanthurus fowleri
Lipstic Tang M Naso Lituratus
Lipstic Tang juvenille Naso Lituratus
Blue Tang L Paracanthurus Hepatus
Blue Tang L Paracanthurus Hepatus
Blue Tang ML Paracanthurus Hepatus
Blue Tang S Paracanthurus Hepatus
Blue Tang T Paracanthurus Hepatus
Desjardin's Sailfin Tang M Zebrasoma desjardinii
Brown Sailfin Tang M Zebrasoma Scopas
Pasific Sailfin Tang S Zebrasoma Veliferum
Green Filefish Monacanthus chinensis
Red Tail File Pervagor Melanocephalus
Australian Banded Pipefish Coryhoidis Intestinalis
Banded Pipefish Doryrhamphus Dactyliophorus
Alligator Pipefish Singnathoides Biaculeatus
Naoko's Fairy Wrasse male Cirrhilabrus Naokoae
Naoko's Fairy Wrasse female Cirrhilabrus Naokoae
Blue Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Cyanopleura
Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Lubbocki
Red Head Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Solorensis
Adornatus Fairy  wrasse Male Cirrhilabrus Adornatus
Yellow Tail Cleaner Wrasse Diproctacanthus Xanthurus
Green Wrasse Halichoeres Chloropterus
Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse Labroides Dimidiatus
Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia
Parrotfish M Scarus species
Eclipse Hogfish Bodianus Mesothorax
Candy Stripe Hogfish Bodianus sp.
Geometric Pygmy Hawk Plectranthias inermis
Undulate Trigger M Balistapus Undulatus
Yellow Bordered Trigger juv. Pseudobalistes Flavimarginatus
Bursa Triggerfish Rhinecanthus Verrucosus
Red Majestic Shrimp Enoplometopus Occidentallis
Anemone Shrimp Periclimenes Brevicarpalis
Camel Shrimp Rhynchocinetes Durbanensis
Banded Shrimp Stenopus Hispidus
Ambonian Shrimp Thor Amboinensis
Decorator Crab Camposcia retusa
Anemone Crab Neopetrolisthes Ohshimai
Zebra Crab Zebrida adamsii
Mimic Octopus Thaumoctopus Mimicus
Red Stripe Algae snail Trochus histrio
Orange Spotted Turbo Snail Buccinulum Corneum
Blue Star Linckia laevigata
Red/Pink Tile Star Fromia monilis
Color Tip Star (Red) Linckia multifora
Color Tip Star (Orange) Linckia multifora
Bali Sea Star / Apple Star Culcita sp.
Chocolate Chip Star Protoreaster nodosus
White Sand Star Archaster typicus
Long Black Urchin Diadema Savignyi
Royal Urchin Mespilia Globolus
Green Royal Urchin Mespilia Globolus
Pin Cushion Urchin Tripnieustes gratilla
Red Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor
Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor
White Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor
Beaded Tentacles Anemone Heteractis aurora
Malu Anemone Heteractis malu
White Sebae Anemone  Heteractis crispa
Long Tentacle Anemone Macrodactyla doreensis
Carpet Anemone (Blue) Stichodadtyla gigantea
Common Carpet Anemone Stichodadtyla gigantea

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Hawaii shipment tomorrow @ Iwarna 11am.

Flame angels. lemonpeel angels, goldflake angel (L), barlett anthias (only 5pc), small declives butterflies, Vanderbilt chromis, Achilles tangs, chevron tangs, kole tangs, yellow tangs,  goldenback triggerfish (Xanthichthys caeruleolineatus), geoffroy wrasse (only 1pc), fourline wrasse (Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia), gymnothorax melatremus. 

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Always something more important than fish.


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10 hours ago, reefaquaria said:

Anybody seen sally Lightfoot crab in West side lfs?? Thanks

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Just in case you can't find in west. Just FYI, Ah Beng does have some when I was there yesterday.


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