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Algae Problems. Tried Every Possible Reef Safe.

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My current nano tank is having some massive algae issues. It doesn't look like GHA, its look more stringy and slimy and faded green and some are white. Can't ID. My tank used to be Algae free with undetectable phosphate and maybe about 1ppm of nitrate. I was able to control them with regular weekly 20% water change and Carbon Dosing.

All this algae happens when i accidentally overdose NOPOX into my tank (Maintenance Dosage @ 0.25ml, Overdose @ 8ml). After noticing I was overdosing, i made a 20% water change and kept a look out for bacteria bloom, after 12hrs or so, bacterial bloom didn't happened. Made another 20% water change just to be safe. After a few days, all this greenish whitish stuff starts to bloom.

I tried all, reduce feeding ( 2 times each week small about), running phosguard (4 days only, afraid of aluminium leech), GFO ( still running ), Nopox, lights off 3 days. All seems not to work. Water source is Distilled water @ tested 4 TDS. My SPS are still growing, polyps are always extended, abit pastel in coloring. 

My suspicion is either, phosphate leeching from dead rocks (Caribsea South Sea Base Rocks) or maybe sandbed. 

What else can i do to eradicate this unknow algae issues? Could it be fuzzy bacteria infection mixed with NO3 and PO4? Gurus, do help. THank You

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Any photos to show the stuff you were talking about?

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Aquarium 3 - 250 liters with sump and refugium

Jebao DC 6000 pump with speed controller

Skimz skimmer

AI Hydra 52 HD

Hailea HS-66A (1/4 hp) chiller

Maxspect Gyre

TLF Phosban reactors with Phosban

Tunze nano osmolator

Marine Magic Triplet Dosing


Aquarium 1 - 27 litres

Atman HF-0600 HOB filter

Maxspect Razor Nano 60W (10,000 K)

AOL 60 litres chiller

Tunze Nano Osmolator



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I will take photos as soon as possible..

i have made some research and came up with this thread


From the sounds of it, he is having the same problem as me, having great coralline growing with no algar issues until NoPox is overdose.

Aviad from red sea in the end says coincidental. I dont think it is if i have the same problem.

(Just a note, i didnt have bacterial bloom, my fishes/inverts and sps/lps/softies survived the overdose)

I even have an email from Aviad


Seriously Raising No3 And Po4? I had perfect algaeless tank before overdosing.

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Yellow fox face or rabbit fish with long stout is the best if you don't feed it with any other food it will clear all your green & hairy algae probably within 2 weeks. Rabbit fish basically are vegetarian & reef safe. Algae blenny also can but not as good as yellow fox face.

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