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Overflow box for sale (Skimz OM2500)


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    • By Kisuke
      Hi All,
      I would like to buy a nano overflow box for my small marine tank, preferably the Eshopps one or equivalent.
      Please PM me thanks.
    • By tjy
      Looking to buy Eshopps PF-Nano overflow box.
      Can't seems to find it in retail shops. Any has 1 or know of any shops that sell? Appreciate it!
    • By Blueberry22
      2 years old, barely used.
      Note the suction netting below is missing, not for fussy buyers/those with small fishes etc. 
      SRP $100 or so, Asking for $30.
      interested pm me thanks!

    • By seanhorsay
      Some used items to let go, as not using :
      Overflow - $12
      Air lifter x 2 - $8 each
      Pest trap - $8
      Probe holder - $6
      Acrylic frag station x 3 - all for $10(Some no magnets, need diy urself)
      Take all for $48

    • By AltisD
      Hi All Expert, 
      I have been in FW keeping for many years and now would like to explore the possibility of converting one of my 3 ft FW tank to marine.
      It is a solid 8mm thick all round tank with full euro-bracing tank. Hence the idea of getting hang on overflow box is out. 
      How can I achieve the filtration if I do not want to create a sump? How and what type of Skimmer should I get and what about the filtration?
      What lighting and how many wavemaker? Do I need a chiller as I plan to place this tank in my living room which is not air-con, normal room temperature.
      I would love to have corals and some fishes in this setup plus cleaning crew such as snail, hermit crab and shrimp as well.
      Any advise will be much appreciated. 
      I have look around for those all-in-one marine tank setup such as the innovative nuvo 20 marine tank but think I am better off setting up my 3 ft tank.....Thanks in advance.
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